Monday, 5 October 2015

Cancer Survivor Story: Mais Sartawi

"Realizing that you have a disease like Cancer will change the way you look at life and you will learn how to fight for it!

It all started with a dream I had one night, woke up the next day to find myself a Cancer patient. I stood up, fought for my life, for my family, people who supported me and for the life I lived and loved for 28 years.

After a series of unpleasant sessions, I can confidently say that I beat cancer and ever since then, I've realised that this dreadful disease can visit anyone... no one is immune so please go for regular check-ups as early detection gives you an advantage. Although I am a lymphoma cancer survivor, I do support breast cancer. I wear a pink ribbon every year and I do what I can to inspire women and fight cancer together because #Cancersucks.

Like I say: I am a proof that there is life after Cancer, I survived"

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