Wednesday, 25 November 2015

My Self Love Journey

For weeks i thought about what my first post would be, how would i begin, what do i even want to write about? Beauty? Fitness? My career? My Self Love Journey? I struggled for weeks and i must admit that the “Fear” i have been fighting for a very long time was trying to pull me still.

A male friend of mine updated his blackberry status that we should pray for his wife who has breast cancer. I was shocked and immediately called him and asked all kind of questions that wasn’t necessary, i asked out of shock. A young lady who just gave birth to her first child, how and why would God let her have this disease? Yes we are not meant to understand some things and we are just supposed to accept it and have faith. I have to admit that it is pretty hard at first, really hard. With tears running down my face i asked God all kinds of questions including why he want us to suffer before we die. I lost a male friend this year and there was no sign prior to his demise, how do we say our final good bye?

My close friend “Abi K” told me “Maybe God is trying to get your attention”. You know, i never thought about it from that angle.

What is #MySelfLoveJourney about; As i lay down on a hospital bed earlier this year, i almost lost my life. I remember clearly i somehow could not pray for myself, had close friends and family praying for me and with tears rolling down my face, all I could do was say “AMEN”. I remember asking God to fill me with “FAITH” prior to my surgery. Did i think i was going to make it? No. But i wanted God to do his work and that he did. I woke up after surgery and doctors’ telling me this was a miracle, at that moment i knew God did his work and i realized that i needed to trust him more and start loving myself with no apologies.

Back to what “Abi K” said, God is trying to get my attention. I posted a picture on Instagram and typed #MySelfLoveJourney, it was not planned or thought about and for every post i had that hash tag. I made a promise to myself and God to take care of me, to do everything i had always wanted to do, but most importantly to make sure that through everything i intend to do, i can inspire someone.

I am not a saint and i am not perfect, but daily i tell God i need him, i can’t do it all alone. Trust me, the devil will try any means possible to draw you to his court, because he knows God is doing something good in your life, you might fall into the devil’s trap, it’s alright my darling, once you come back to your senses, ask God to fill you with enough POWER, STRENGTH AND HIS SPIRIT because the devil will know not to come to your door step again.

He is my BEGINNING and MY END... My name is KC Ejelonu and this is #MySelfLoveJourney

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