Wednesday, 6 January 2016

HN Feature: Lisa Folawiyo

Nigerian Fashion Designer LISA FOLAWIYO is the woman to connect with this week and she also happens to be our crush for so many reasons asides from the fact that she is beautiful, grounded, talented, successful, stylish... urgh... the list is endless!

Lisa's designs are well known and appreciated home and abroad and is a favourite wardrobe choice for celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. Lisa was kind enough to honor us by responding to questions we believe our readers will benefit from one way or the other. Thank you Lisa! 

Your biggest success to date?
Winston Churchill once said that "true success is when you do not lose your enthusiasm from one failure to the next". To be honest, my greatest success till date is just that. Waking up every morning and still being very excited and passionate about what I do. To look forward to creating fashion every single day and to doing all it takes to ensure a successful business despite any odds that may be against me... That. Is. Success.

What's the one habit you have that changed your life for the better?
Positive confessions based on the Word of God and His promises. Speaking the word and making spiritual declarations has completely changed my mindset and approach to life. I speak it, believe it and it manifests in God's time. 

Who inspires you?
Three amazing people in my life. My mum, and my 2 sisters.
My mum because she came to Nigeria as a foreigner (she's Trinidadian) and with hard-work and determination, worked her way to the top of the ladder in the Nigerian Federal Government. She is an intelligent, strong and very focused woman who goes for what she wants and achieves it. Above all this, she is a praying mother, wife and has set the example on how to raise my children and keep my home. Really. 

My older sister, Karen, Who prays her hopes and dreams into reality, who nothing fazes, who speaks up when it is necessary to, who is resilient, and extremely hardworking. Dedicated to raising her four beautiful daughters to truly become the queens that they are. 

My younger sister, Sike, amazing mother and wife, my business partner, who knows how to laugh at and along with life.. Who really doesn't sweat the small stuff and is able to let go of anything. She is grounded. Level headed. 

These three women embody all that I desire and strive to be. 

What motto do you live by?
My attitude towards life can usually be summed up with these words;
  • Commit all your works on to the Lord and He will cause your thoughts to line up with His will and make all your plans succeed- Proverbs 16:3
  • We have one life to live, laugh as much as you can and buy the shoes while you're at it!
  • I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. 
  • A soft answer turns away wrath.. Always

If you could go back in time and tell your younger self anything, what would you say?
Gosh! There's so much I would tell my younger myself..  A few would be..'Lisa believe in yourself, you are more than capable' 2) Don't care so much about what people really think, because they really don't care that much, they are too busy caring about themselves. 3) Work, work and then work some more 4) Do not procrastinate! 5) Speak only when necessary. 6) Read more .. 

I still tell my 'older' self this..Perhaps everyday.. 

What advise do you have for women trying to build a career in Fashion?

Nothing worth doing is easy to do, it will not and should not be easy. Success will and should not come overnight, be patient. Be tenacious. Be passionate.

Never be swayed by what others are doing, so be honest, know your fashion truth(aesthetic, story, strength)and do not depart from it BUT do not be afraid to evolve. 

There are no failures, only lessons..Do not stop learning.. Go on courses, read, develop your skills. Study the industry and by all means make yourself relevant in it.Have a business plan and really try to stick to it. It helps. 

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