Friday, 15 April 2016

5 Women to Follow on Instagram for Fitspiration

Working out and staying healthy is one new year resolution a majority of us make at the beginning of a new year, a new month or when we have just finished consuming that large portion of cheese cake and the guilt sets in.

Though its easier said than done, a little motivation is all we need to keep going. The following instagram accounts are sure to spark up your feed with all the fitness and wellness motivation that you need to get those work outs in and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you aren't following any of them, you should!

1. Jessamyn Stanley

Sometimes you literally have to bend over backwards to set things straight in life and what better way to achieve that than by practicing some yoga! Jessamyn's Instagram page exhumes some serious positivity and motivation and should definitely be you go to place for some #Yoginspiration. For beginners, don't be discouraged, it takes a lot of practice and Jessamyn doesn't hold back when it comes to carrying her followers along with her journey and pose practices. You can also sign up for her classes!

2. Briohny Smyth

Briohny shares her amazing workout routines by uploading short videos on her insta feed and holds online classes which allows her to connect with other Yoga Enthusiasts around the world. Plus - the pop of colours in her daily pictures and her incredible smile is sure to brighten up your day, any-day!

3. Ada Ari

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Whoever says working out is "boring" hasn't done it the Ada Ari way. This fitness rock-star infuses African music to all her workout videos and sessions compelling you to enjoy yourself as you're getting your fit on. Turn to Ada's Instagram page for some major workout mojo!

4. Ezinne Okparaebo

This Nigerian-Norwegian track and field sprint athlete & Fastest woman in Norway documents most of her training via her athletic posts. Plus - she proclaims everyday through her bio, that she can do EVERYTHING through Christ. If that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will!

5. Tai McQueen

Tai Mcquain's page has all the motivation you would need to get in shape and stay there. Her openness about personal struggles with weight loss have impacted many and resigned deeply with those that have been felt ashamed to get fit because of their size. Tai’s non-judgmental approach to fitness teaches men and women of all sizes to love their current body while working towards the body they want. Turn to Tai's Instagram page if you're up for a good challenge because it comes with obvious results!

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