Bridging the Divide: #SHE_BUILDS Future Festival Connects People of Color Across the Global Diaspora through business, technology, art and culture.

According to the World Bank, women-led businesses account for approximately 40% of all businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa, with women in the region being twice as likely as men to start a business. Despite this, women-led businesses in the region often face significant challenges, including limited access to finance, markets, and networks. In the Caribbean, women-led businesses account for approximately 30% of all businesses, but face similar challenges in terms of accessing financing and markets.

JaneMichael Ekanem: ‘I don’t think anyone should just associate mental illness with spiritual causes.’

JaneMichael Ekanem has distinguished herself as one of Nigeria’s most in-demand fashion expert and creative, with a company that includes the JaneMichael Brand. a fashion enterprise and the JaneMichael Foundation, a recently established not-for-profit organization.

In the year 2020, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. JaneMichael suffered a mental breakdown. An incident that cost her friends, family, her sense of self, and everything she valued In our conversation with Her. JaneMichael discusses rebuilding her life, her healing journey, and her future plans. Despite all she’s been through, JaneMichael has refused to remain in the shadows of her experience knowing that the world needs more of her light.

#Ride4Autism: Shades of Life Foundation & Cyclotron Advocate for Autism Awareness in Nigeria

As part of its commitment to improving the quality of life of Nigerian families with autistic children, Shades of Life Care Limited, a leading provider of Autism intervention services in Nigeria, partnered with Cyclotron Cycling Development Initiative (Cyclotron) and Shades of Life Care Foundation for an event tagged #Ride4Autism, which took place on Saturday, April 15th, 2023, to commemorate World Autism Awareness Month.

BIC Shares Five Surprising Shaving Tips

Marking Women’s History Month, and in the spirit of encouraging females to be more confident and comfortable in their own skin, Paloma Lengema, Marketing Manager at BIC (a world leader in shavers) shares key tips with women to help them make their routine shave more effective and say goodbye to unwanted results!