“My experience strengthened and gave me a voice.” – Tolu Oniru – Demuren

Media Personality Tolu Oniru-Demuren is about to unveil something and we are here for it. She recently shared a prelude to the unveiling in the form of what seems like a letter to self. in Her Words… “The journey to accepting my body hasn’t really been a smooth one. Growing up, I wasn’t particularly confident. As

Q&A: “I want to be remembered for using fear as fuel.” – Nina Elaine

Nina Elaine is a digital strategist, lifestyle influencer, and wellness advocate. Her passion for digital marketing comes from her background in economics and corporate data analytics. Nina’s goal is to help micro influencers and bloggers monetize their influence and solidify their brand. As an advocate for wellness and self love, she believes that her purpose is to educate women

Make A Great First Impression At Your Next Networking Event.

Having the right professional contacts can help you expand your business and open the door to new opportunities. One of the best ways to meet those contacts is by attending networking events. Whether you’re at an industry-specific conference or a general entrepreneur meetup, you’re sure to connect with people who can help you grow. The

Kerry Washington Covers ESSENCE’s May Issue: The #Woke100

Kerry Washington has been featured as the cover star of ESSENCE’s May issue! In this issue, she talks the end of Scandal, the importance of representation, and how Hollywood is changing thanks to women speaking out. Speaking with writer and editor Rebecca Carroll, Washington wholeheartedly agreed that the culture of Hollywood has gotten smarter since

“Loud and obnoxious is not quite the same as bold and audacious.” – Iretiola Doyle

I shot my 1st tv commercial over two decades ago. It was a major deal for an upcoming actor; for the visibility and the pay check. I nearly lost that gig for being the wrong skin colour. I didn’t match the client rep’s “ideal“. Thankfully, the director, Mr. Wale Fanu wasn’t a push over. He

“NO job is too small or beneath you.” – Ivie Martins Ogbonmwan

As you work towards building a career, please note that NO job is too small or beneath you. Even if it’s completely different from what you envisioned for yourself, it will create a huge learning opportunity that will help you thrive when you eventually get the job of your dreams. I remember when I resigned

Sequoia Smith Shares Inspiring Story on Victory through Grief as she Graduates.

A Queen on Instagram Sequoia Smith (@Ms.Cokes) took to her Instagram page to inspire followers, readers and anyone who came across her post. We found it really interesting, uplifting and inspirational so we thought to share so you can be inspired too! Read Her Story 17 years old, I remember my mama just hugging me

Beyonce is the First Woman of Color to Headline Coachella

Beyoncé performed for throngs of screaming fans Saturday night at Coachella after a year’s wait. The Queen was slated to headline last year’s festival, but had to cancel under doctor’s orders because she was pregnant with twins at the time. Lady Gaga stepped in as Beyoncé’s replacement. She and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, welcomed Rumi