Excellence Joshua: ‘Technology is constantly evolving and to stay relevant, you must keep studying and upskilling.’

Excellence Joshua is an impact entrepreneur, gender inclusion in tech expert, coach, and digital skills advocate who has dedicated over four (4) years of her life to empowering girls and women in Africa with relevant digital skills and helping them secure jobs. Joshua’s mission is to provide more African women and girls with technical skills to break the cycle of poverty, care for their families, and strengthen their communities.

Sito Health: Meet the women on a mission to revolutionize nutrition support and promote better well-being for Africans.

Sito Health is a TNN Africa company that combines cutting-edge AI technology with nutrition expertise to provide comprehensive and personalized nutrition support for individuals with chronic illnesses.

Their AI-powered platform analyzes vast amounts of health data, including individual health profiles, medical records, and real-time tracking data, to deliver tailored nutrition plans, meal recommendations, and intelligent insights. Her Network had a chat with them to learn more about the company. Read and be inspired!

Bridging the Divide: #SHE_BUILDS Future Festival Connects People of Color Across the Global Diaspora through business, technology, art and culture.

According to the World Bank, women-led businesses account for approximately 40% of all businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa, with women in the region being twice as likely as men to start a business. Despite this, women-led businesses in the region often face significant challenges, including limited access to finance, markets, and networks. In the Caribbean, women-led businesses account for approximately 30% of all businesses, but face similar challenges in terms of accessing financing and markets.