Girl Power: Sufer Mayar Gabeira Sets World Record for Biggerst Wave Ever Ridden by a Woman!

Five years ago,  Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira took on the famously large waves in Narzaré but almost lost her life. According to The New York Times, the surfer fell off her surfboard, broke her ankle and was floating face down when her friend found her. But instead of running from her fears after the accident, Gabeira moved

Be Inspired: Deaf Twins, Hermon & Heroda Berhane, Inspire Through Style!

Fashion bloggers Hermon and Heroda Berhane were seven years old when they both mysteriously went deaf at the same time. According to the twins… “We both suffered our loss of hearing under strange circumstances. We were seven years old, playing outside (in our hometown in Eritrea) one moment we could hear, the next we couldn’t.

Her Network Woman of the Year Awards (HNWOTY) 2018 Call for Nominations

Her Network Woman of the Year Awards (HNWOTY) has announced its call for nominations for its annual celebration of outstanding women. The awards are returning for its second edition after the launch of its maiden edition in December 2017 which was set up to recognize noteworthy women across various industries. The aim of the awards is to publicly

Q&A: “I would love to be remembered for my love for God and desire to be a blessing to all he sends my way.” – Titilayo Tima Adewunmi

Titilayo Tima Adewunmi  describes herself as the 3rd child and 1st daughter out of 5 children of her parents. Born into a military family, growing up was almost regimented but this paved the way for so many adventures for Tima and her siblings! She recalls being one of those kids who after secondary school struggled

ABOUT CHATS & COCKTAILS Chats & Cocktails is an intimate gathering scheduled to hold on the 12th of August 2018, it promotes the culture of networking by bringing  women from diverse backgrounds and sectors together. Guests get to have real conversations, chatter and bond over cocktails in a non-threatening atmosphere and also, expand  their professional

Jay-Z, Beyonce release surprise album ‘Everything Is Love’

Jay-Z and Beyonce are keeping up a family tradition, dropping a surprise album before anyone knew it was coming. The couple released a joint album that touches on the rapper’s disgust at this year’s Grammy Awards and features a shout out from their daughter Blue Ivy to her siblings. The nine-track album “Everything Is Love”

Queening & Winning; They Made the Forbes 30 Under 30 List!

It’s not news that we stan for Phenomenal Women doing great things in their diverse industries and unique capabilities. Most Especially, in Nigeria our Home Country! Earlier this week, Forbes Africa released their annual list of exceptional youths under 30 and we are in awe of the incredible women shining their light and impact their

Q&A: “I want to be remembered as someone who motivated people to live a healthy happy life.” – Dr Chinasa Amadi

Chinasa describes herself as the daughter of the Most High, A Wife, Mother, Medical Doctor, Certified Weightloss/ Health coach, a business woman, motivational speaker and an Author. She is the first of 5 children who as a child, knew she wanted to be a medical doctor. Chinasa is not just intelligent but also a happy

Liberty University’s Oldest graduate Ella Washington achieves her educational goals at 89!

While putting her 12 children through school and working full time to provide for her family, Ella Washington, 89, never abandoned her goal to continue her education. On Saturday, she walked across the stage at Liberty University’s Commencement as the oldest graduate in the Class of 2018, earning her associate degree in interdisciplinary studies. Washington