Liberty University’s Oldest graduate Ella Washington achieves her educational goals at 89!

While putting her 12 children through school and working full time to provide for her family, Ella Washington, 89, never abandoned her goal to continue her education. On Saturday, she walked across the stage at Liberty University’s Commencement as the oldest graduate in the Class of 2018, earning her associate degree in interdisciplinary studies. Washington

“Loud and obnoxious is not quite the same as bold and audacious.” – Iretiola Doyle

I shot my 1st tv commercial over two decades ago. It was a major deal for an upcoming actor; for the visibility and the pay check. I nearly lost that gig for being the wrong skin colour. I didn’t match the client rep’s “ideal“. Thankfully, the director, Mr. Wale Fanu wasn’t a push over. He

Sequoia Smith Shares Inspiring Story on Victory through Grief as she Graduates.

A Queen on Instagram Sequoia Smith (@Ms.Cokes) took to her Instagram page to inspire followers, readers and anyone who came across her post. We found it really interesting, uplifting and inspirational so we thought to share so you can be inspired too! Read Her Story 17 years old, I remember my mama just hugging me

“Queen, never feel guilty for knowing your worth” – Juliet Ibrahim

Actress and Entrepreneur, Juliet Ibrahim Earlier today took to Instagram to drop an Easter message for women all over the world. With all the trials and tribulations that come with living a unique life, it is important that just as we bath daily, a dose of motivation or inspiration periodically, is essential.   “Queen, never

Before dying of cancer, Holly Butcher shared life advice with us all!

A 27-year-old Australian woman who lost her battle with a rare form of cancer had asked her family to share the last letter she wrote on her deathbed. Holly Butcher’s last words soon went viral on Facebook after being posted on January 3, one day before she passed away, with more than 131,000 people sharing it on

Sisters In Vouge; Akwaeke & Yagazie Emezi slay for VOUGE US!

We love it when women and win and we love it even better when they win together! The Gorgeous Emezi Sisters Akwaeke, an author, about to publish her first book and her younger sister Yagazie, an accomplished photographer were recently featured in renowned Vogue US magazine  under an article titled 5 Families Who are Changing the World as We