Mercy Chinwo: ‘Overwhelming Victory’ marks a new chapter in my personal and artistic journey.’

Mercy Chinwo’s vocal prowess and chart-topping tunes aren’t the only things that distinguish her from her colleagues. It is her steadfast faith and commitment to spreading the message of God’s compassion and mercy via her music. With every note she sings, she reminds us that no matter how gloomy the world appears, there is always a ray of hope waiting to shine through.

Sito Health: Meet the women on a mission to revolutionize nutrition support and promote better well-being for Africans.

Sito Health is a TNN Africa company that combines cutting-edge AI technology with nutrition expertise to provide comprehensive and personalized nutrition support for individuals with chronic illnesses.

Their AI-powered platform analyzes vast amounts of health data, including individual health profiles, medical records, and real-time tracking data, to deliver tailored nutrition plans, meal recommendations, and intelligent insights. Her Network had a chat with them to learn more about the company. Read and be inspired!