Sito Health: Meet the women on a mission to revolutionize nutrition support and promote better well-being for Africans.

Sito Health is a TNN Africa company that combines cutting-edge AI technology with nutrition expertise to provide comprehensive and personalized nutrition support for individuals with chronic illnesses.

Their AI-powered platform analyzes vast amounts of health data, including individual health profiles, medical records, and real-time tracking data, to deliver tailored nutrition plans, meal recommendations, and intelligent insights. Her Network had a chat with them to learn more about the company. Read and be inspired!

Adeola Kingsley-James: ‘Mental well-being and wellness are here to stay; the more equipped you are to navigate life, the better.’

Adeola Kinsley-James is also a Best-Selling Author and Global Speaker, committed to equipping and promoting the well-being and happiness of individuals through rapid transformational strategies. Her ultimate life goal is to transform billions of lives worldwide through the power of Community, Connection, and Content.