“I now know about the power of intention and creating your own opportunities and path.” – Cornelia O’Dwyer

Cornelia O’Dwyer is a writer, producer and host of the Chick Chat Show airing on Fox Life Africa. She was orphaned at 14 and also the niece of popular NTA broadcaster, Joan O’Dwyer. In her interview with Yetunde Oladeinde of The Nation, we were inspired by her as she talked about her creating content for the global community, working in investment banking and more.

On what life as a TV host and producer is like: As an independent producer, Cornelia finds it fulfilling to execute and deliver entertaining projects which started as just a thought in her head or a conversation with a friend. Being a host, she gets a peek inside people’s minds and gets to draw out perspectives on things pertaining to life which we all question and need answers to. Cornelia mentions she enjoys digging for honesty with her guests even if she doesn’t get it the first time around, she is constantly researching and pulling from a wide range of resources for human interest stories and topics that speak to the heart or struggles women face and find it difficult to express or handle.

On some memorable moments: Cornelia stated that one of her most memorable moment would be when one of her guests during a recording of season two (which I shot in Accra) made a statement about not blaming ourselves for the death of our loved ones. This was a defining and healing moment which brought her to tears because she was not aware that she had blamed myself and was burdened with guilt for the death of her mom who passed away from a gas explosion in 1998.

On what gives her inspiration to do the things you does: Cornelia is driven to leave a legacy that her children would be proud of. The short time her parents had on earth inspires Cornelia to live a life of impact because tomorrow truly isn’t promised. Cornelia was orphaned at 14 years which makes her very much aware of how fleeting life is and “I am super proud of both their legacies” she states.

On her advise to young people: Cornelia wishes someone had told her she was in control of her life. She mentions having a few passive periods in my life where she sat and waited for opportunities to come her way. However, she now knows about the power of intention and creating your own opportunities and path. “Life will pass you by if you keep thinking someone is going to help or coach you through what you should be doing and how you should go about creating a life that you want. Unfortunately, the brutal truth is once you graduate, you and only you are responsible for your choices and decisions. Take control of your life and be open to pivots. It’s better than being stagnant.” Cornelia states

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