Meet Her: Damilola Bello, Founder of Pages by Dami.

Damilola Bello, also known as Dammy B, holds a Btech in Estate Management. Her desire to see small businesses thrive inspired her to establish Pages by Dami. Pages by Dami is a small business development hub as well as a listing service where customers can easily find vendors they require.

Bello, who holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Operations Management, consistently applies her skills and knowledge to assist small business owners in scaling and growing. She recently partnered with Flutterwave to help small business owners and young entrepreneurs.

When she isn’t advocating for the growth of small businesses, Bello can be found shopping and giving advice on where and how to get the best deals, reading a book, or having fun.

Her Network: What inspired the concept of the Flutterwave x Pages by Dami Tradefair?
Damilola Bello:
Flutterwave kept the lights on for many small businesses during the pandemic through the Flutterwave store and while most businesses didn’t survive the pandemic, a good number did. Thanks to the Flutterwave Store. To go further and sustain the impact recorded, the trade fair was introduced as a commitment to support small businesses and help them maximize their sales during the festive season.

Her Network: This is the third edition, what’s the unique value proposition attendants should be looking forward to?
Damilola Bello: Attendees will enjoy massive discounts, most of which are a one-time trade fair offer, across different product categories. Time and again, the Flutterwave Trade Fair has proven to beyond provide an opportunity for small business owners to showcase their products or advertise their services, we also have many fun activities like photo booths, games, treasure hunts, and prizes to be won. Concise training sessions will also be accessible to entrepreneurs interested in learning tips and tricks to scale their businesses and live their best life.

Her Network: This year vendor participants record a whopping 80% of women-owned businesses, was this deliberate or are more women in business stepping into the spotlight?
Damilola Bello: It wasn’t deliberate at all as there are equal opportunities for all Flutterwave merchants regardless of gender, but we have since found that there are a lot more women who like you mentioned,are stepping into the spotlight and the high percentage recorded is solely from women showing interest, signing up and being a part of the Tradefair.

Her Network: What are the key steps intending Flutterwave store owners should take to get listed on the platform?
Damilola Bello: The first and most important step is to get on the Flutterwave website and with just one click, they have access to endless possibilities for their businesses.

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