“NO job is too small or beneath you.” – Ivie Martins Ogbonmwan

As you work towards building a career, please note that NO job is too small or beneath you.

Even if it’s completely different from what you envisioned for yourself, it will create a huge learning opportunity that will help you thrive when you eventually get the job of your dreams.

I remember when I resigned from a job because of an abusive boss, I had made a choice to walk away so I knew I had to not let that decision slow me down. I applied to work with a non profit organization as an intern, but they did not have an opening at that time, rather they had an opening for personal assistant to the administrator of a church. I grabbed it.

I had no clue what the role entailed. I was not a member of the church. The salary was just enough to transport me to and fro work. I did not know if this boss was any better, but I took it.

I eventually moved up to being the PA of the senior pastor of that church. This role was absolutely nothing in line with what I had dreamed for myself. I remember always crying to my mentor that I wanted a corporate job, I wanted to rock nice suits and visit glam offices…lol. But I stayed on that job.

That job turned out to be a great learning opportunity for me not just career wise but in every other aspect of my life. I grew up!!! I was exposed to so much beyond my core work that helped shape values, and opinions which made me a better ME today.

So when I speak to candidates who tell me “I cannot take the job because I don’t know how to do it, because the salary is too small, because it’s not glam” or when I speak to candidates who want to resign because ” the office is just horrible, there is no structure, my boss is annoying, I am not earning enough”, I wonder if you have truly thought about the many other opportunities on that job that a great salary will never give you.

This is not to say that if you are on a job that is JUST WRONG, you should kill yourself and stay o, this is to say that before you make that decision think it through properly and if you can get a career coach or advisor to help.

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