Omowumi Oyetodun is on a Mission to Empower Families through Birth Tourism.

Omowumi Oyedotun is a visionary travel consultant and the founder and CEO of Queen Birth Services. Armed with a bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria, Omowumi’s journey into the realm of birth tourism was sparked by a transformative personal experience. Over six years ago, she welcomed her daughter in New York, USA, an event that profoundly shaped her future endeavors.

Inspired by her own experience, Omowumi conducted extensive research and discovered a significant gap in public awareness: many families were unaware that giving birth in certain countries grants their children instant citizenship, and that this life-changing opportunity was accessible without exorbitant costs. Driven by a passion to empower others with this knowledge, she founded Queen Birth Services.

Under her leadership, Queen Birth Services has become a beacon of hope and a source of invaluable support for over 200 families, helping them secure dual citizenship for their children through birth tourism. Omowumi‘s commitment to making this dream attainable has transformed countless lives, enabling children to enjoy the privileges and opportunities that come with dual citizenship.

Omowumi‘s story is one of resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication to making a difference. Through Queen Birth Services, she continues to inspire and guide families towards a brighter future, proving that with knowledge and determination, incredible opportunities are within reach.

Tell us a little about your background.
My name is Omowumi Titilola Oyedotun. I was born in Lagos into a family of three girls. I’m a Christian from Ekiti State, married with two children, and currently living in Ibadan. I am passionate about family and love to travel. A quote I love is, ‘Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

Omowumi, your personal experience of giving birth in New York sparked the creation of Queen Birth Services. Can you share more about how this experience influenced your decision to enter the travel consultancy field, specifically focusing on birth tourism?
My personal experience made me realize that most people don’t know you can have your baby in America or Canada and the baby becomes a citizen immediately. For research, I started an online survey and conducted some verbally. Most people believed that birth tourism had been stopped years ago, so I decided to create more awareness about it on my social media platforms.

You discovered a significant gap in public awareness regarding birth tourism. How did you go about conducting your research, and what were some key findings that motivated you to start your company?

Can you explain the business model of Queen Birth Services and how you ensure that the process of obtaining dual citizenship is accessible and affordable for families?
At Queen Birth Services, we source quality hospitals at affordable prices. When I had my first child in New York years ago, I paid around $18,000 for a vaginal delivery. I realized some people might not want to pay that much, so I started sourcing for good, affordable hospitals to provide as many options as possible. We have many success stories. One highlight for me is a couple that had been refused visas several times. They came to our agency, and we processed their visa successfully.

What are some common misconceptions about birth tourism, and how do you address them through your services?
There are misconceptions about birth tourism. Some people believe it is illegal or that you must hide your intentions when applying for a visa or traveling. That’s not f true. We don’t hide our intentions. Before engaging our services, I ask questions about the specific services you need. Some clients only need visa processing, while others are first-time travelers who require emotional support. We check up on them, place them in cities with our representatives who can pick them up at the airport, take them to doctor’s appointments, shopping, and more.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women, who are looking to start their own business in the travel consultancy?
Do not put money first. Try to be valuable, and money will flow in effortlessly, Be reliable and do not overpromise. The travel industry is sensitive, so you must be very careful. Your reputation is worth more than money.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in your journey as an entrepreneur, and how has it shaped your approach to business?
I have learned that you have to be very professional when dealing with clients. Know your superpower and focus on it. Do not jump on every proposal without thorough research.