HerAffirmations: Activate the power of your tongue with these Affirmation Cards!


“Your words are the paint with which you paint your reality.”

Replace negative self talk with positive affirmations and take absolute control of your life.

HerAffirmations contain 52 cards created to help you train your subconscious to stay focused on the positive, attract wealth, love, happiness and empower you to transform your life using the power of your tongue!

Each of the 52 cards contain an affirmation which could be your focus affirmation for the day or for the week as decided by you.

HerAffirmations is pocket, wallet, purse, tote, bag friendly.

HerAffirmations could make a thoughtful gift. (Gift it out as a deck or spread light by handing out singles to friends or strangers)

With HerAffirmations, remind yourself everyday that you deserve all good things and stay focused of living your best life!

Location: Nigeria (We will be shipping to other countries soon)

Delivery: *Deliveries within Lagos comes with an extra cost of N1,000 and deliveries outside Lagos, N2,000.


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