Apply to Start a Chapter [OLD]

Her Network is run by a team of passionate and progressive women whose global vision to bridge the gap between women started in February 2016! With impact as one of our values, we would like to offer you an opportunity to bring together progressive women in your local community as we expand the network.

If you’re serious about leading a HN Chapter in your town/city, we would love to hear from you! Please take a look at the following information and if it seems like the right fit fir you by the time you’re done, fill out the application form at the bottom.

Good Luck!


Becoming a Her Network Chapter Lead

Q: What does it mean to be a CM host?
A: Each HN chapter is led by one person who serves as the chapter lead for the town she is a resident of. This volunteer represents her town by organizing the chapter with the support of Her Network headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

As the Chapter Lead, you would be in charge of all the details for your local event such as:

Securing a venue (Ambience is key… No nightclubs)
Finding a speaker (If essential for the event) that relates what HN stands for
Finding sponsors to cover event costs/needs
Leading the Chapter volunteer team
Promotions for the event
Serving as the main point of contact for HN in that town

Q: Can there two chapter leads?
A: NO. We require  only ONE point of contact for each chapter who serves as the face of that location but we ask that you nominate a co-host to support you behind the scenes. This way if illness, travel, or any number of life’s surprises prevents you from hosting one month, you have a solid back up. You’re free to organize your team as you see fit, but only one person can be the face of Her Network in that town.

Q: Do chapter leads sign a license agreement?
A: Absolutely! Each Her Network Chapter lead signs a license agreement in order to represent the Her Network brand and agrees that all content created as a result, is property of Her Network. This lasts for 12 months after which a review and renewal is due.

Q: Is this offer open for companies or groups?
A: No. Her Network chapter leads are licensed to individuals only.

Please see full Her Network Chapter Lead FAQ before you fill your application

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