“Your Dreams are Valid!” – Lola Oj

Creative Entrepreneur, Lola Oj got called to Bar as barrister and solicitor of the supreme court of Nigeria recently and she left an inspiring message on her instagram page we couldn’t help but share.

“God it has been you from the beginning to the end. This journey was not easy, I wanted to give up on so many occasions but with the constant support from family and friends they kept pushing me.

From Bar I in Bwari, Abuja in the middle of nowhere where I hated ? to Bar II in Victoria Island where I was constantly running to thumb print on time so my attendance would be marked ? to the looooonnnngggg lectures, to the constant up and down of submitting documents. To the exam stress which was like no other!

Balancing law school whilst working, travelling and building a brand was not easy I will not lie, but I was dedicated. The two months coming up to bar finals I cut everything and everyone off, I had a strict study schedule, an amazing tutor and a consistent prayer routine.

I write these words not to brag, but to encourage and inspire, this all started off as a dream and here I am finishing within the top 20% of my class.

For those that didn’t make the call this year, do not be discouraged, do not give up and we look forward to celebrating your call to bar next year by God’s grace.

Your dreams are valid.”

Love and Light to all the Queens, putting in work and heart to make their dreams come through and pave a good way for generations to come.

Congratulations Lola!

We are so Inspired!

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