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Q & A: ‘Plan, but don’t over plan. Take risks, but don’t be too risky.’ – Heather Stenlake

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Heather Stenlake is the beautiful mother of two daughters, an inventor and entrepreneur based in Pennsylvania, United States. Heather put $40,000 of her retirement savings towards inventing and producing a sheer slip that holds up a bride’s wedding gown called “Bridal Buddy”. The Bridal Buddy allows a bride to pee in private without needing help. Perseverance […]


Networking Tips For Shy People

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Mastering the skill of Networking can be very tricky. A lot of people know about the word, but not so much about it as a skill. People have different ideas of how it works, but when it comes to actually working it, a lot of us don’t as much as we should and end up […]