Easy Steps to Aid You Support The Women Around You.

Great things happen when women support women. Some women believe this, some don’t. Some like to be identified as a woman who supports other women when in reality she doesn’t while others take progressive steps to support the next woman the best way they know how.

The topic of “Women Supporting Women” is one that we could o on and on for but today, we’d love to share with you an article we came across and couldn’t ignore by Yumna Al-Arashi. In this short yet informative piece, Yumna shared five steps you could take to support the women around you.

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1. SPEAK: When your girlfriends are tearing each other down for no good reason, say something. When your office lacks an equal number of female employees, say something. When your friends feel insecure for reasons that are designed to keep them down, say something. When your boss degrades or sexualises you or your colleague, say something. When your girlfriend is about to walk out of the house wearing something absolutely unflattering, say something.

2. LISTEN: Be fully informed, read more history, take regular time away from news and social media to expand your brain, understand the world a bit more. Attend more crucial events and take up more public space, your presence and attention is needed. Stand strong and unite with women who do not receive equality.

3. RISE: Do not participate in petty competitive or jealous behaviour with other women, when you support them, you support yourself as well. Don’t gossip, it’s a waste of your time and tears up your credibility. Speak your truths without fear and call your friends out when they’re wrong. Support your girlfriends when they’re down and acting crazy, you’ll regret not doing so when you’re in the same position.

4. SUPPORT: This world has been created by a patriarchal society designed to keep women down, we are re-building this structure and every one of your actions matter, no matter how small. Support the women around you. When they do good, you do good. Believe in women’s skills and talents; yes we are capable of physical labor and intense arithmetic. Walk away from conversation stating a woman is less qualified for a job than a man.

5. CELEBRATE: Never forget the inherent magic of being a woman. Consume more film, literature, history and art made by women. Learn more and love more about your anatomy, it’s fascinating. Take care of your health, it’s all you have. Spend more time with women of all ages and backgrounds, you’ll forever be inspired by them. We are the storytellers, the bearers of life, and the true connection to this planet. Celebrate it.

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Love & Light.

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