Esther John: Pioneering Success in Sales, Strategy, and Sustainability.

Esther John is a dynamic Sales and Business Development professional with a rich background in leveraging technology and data to drive growth across various industries, including telecommunications, fintech, and non-profit sectors. Her career spans international markets such as Africa, North America, the U.S., and the UK, where she has demonstrated her prowess in strategic business solutions and impactful partnerships, instilling confidence in her ability to navigate diverse markets.

Esther began her career as an on-air personality at Cool FM, producing and presenting radio programs, developing marketing strategies, and creating media content. This media experience honed her communication and strategic planning skills, which she seamlessly transitioned into the business development field.

As the Co-founder and CEO of Dabar Media, Esther plays a pivotal role in creating engaging content and empowering a professional community with growth-oriented skills, a testament to her creative abilities. As a Partner Operations Analyst at Too Good To Go, she works with major grocery brands like Aldi, Morrisons, and Co-Op to reduce food waste and help them achieve their sustainability goals, significantly contributing to the company’s mission.

Through her consultancy firm, Wattana Solutions, Esther enhances business efficiencies by working with telecom and fintech companies in Nigeria. She leads major projects, conducts culture audits, and provides strategic advisory services to board members. Her efforts have had a positive impact on the market presence and financial performance of numerous clients, helping them collectively secure $30,000,000 in investment funds.

Esther holds an MSc in Digital Business from the University of Westminster, specialising in Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and Data Analytics, and an MBA in International Business Management from the University of West London. This blend of academic credentials and practical experience equips her with a unique expertise that drives her success across various sectors and regions.

Esther’s multifaceted expertise and leadership skills make her an invaluable asset in driving business growth, optimising operations, and fostering strategic partnerships across diverse industries.

Tell us a little bit about your journey as well as what inspired you to pursue the path that you are currently on.
Certainly. My journey began as an on-air personality at Cool FM, where I developed strong communication and strategic planning skills. This experience sparked my interest in media and business, leading me to co-found Dabar Media. My passion for leveraging technology and data to drive growth pushed me to explore various industries, including telecommunications, fintech, and non-profits. Today, I focus on reducing food waste as a Partner Operations Analyst at Too Good To Go, where I collaborate with major grocery brands to achieve sustainability goals.

    You started your career as an on-air personality at Cool FM. How did this experience shape your communication and strategic planning skills, and how have these skills benefited your transition into sales and business development?
    Working at Cool FM was instrumental in honing my communication skills. Speaking to a diverse audience daily taught me how to convey messages clearly and effectively. Additionally, planning radio segments required strategic thinking and attention to detail. These skills were invaluable when I transitioned into sales and business development, allowing me to craft compelling pitches, build strong relationships, and develop effective marketing strategies.

    Who has inspired you or played a vital role in your journey and how?
    Actually, I can’t pinpoint just one person because I’ve been fortunate to have different mentors and idols at various stages of my career. All of my managers, clients, and friends have played significant roles in my journey. I surround myself with people who motivate and inspire me every day, keeping me on my toes and pushing me to achieve my best. Their guidance, support, and constructive feedback have been invaluable in helping me grow both personally and professionally.

    You shared that Dabar Media recently secured $100,000 in angel investment funding. Can you share more details about this achievement and how you plan to utilize the funding, and what advice would you give to other entrepreneurs seeking funding for their ventures?
    Securing $100,000 in angel investment was a significant milestone for Dabar Media. We plan to use the funding to expand our content creation capabilities, enhance our digital platforms, and reach a broader audience. My advice to other entrepreneurs is to build a solid business plan, demonstrate clear value propositions, and be persistent. Networking and presenting a compelling story are also crucial in attracting investors.

    Being a beneficiary of funding from an angel investor, would you consider being a business angel for other ventures as you grow in business?
    Absolutely. As I grow in my career and business, I would love to give back by supporting other ventures as a business angel. I believe in the power of mentorship and investment to foster innovation and growth, particularly in emerging markets.

    As the owner of the consultancy firm Wattana Solutions, what leadership qualities do you believe are essential for running a successful business in Africa?
    Running a successful business in Africa requires adaptability, resilience, and a deep understanding of local markets. Effective communication and building strong relationships are crucial. Additionally, strategic thinking and the ability to navigate challenges with a solutions-oriented mindset are essential leadership qualities. It’s also important to foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

    In your role as a Partner Operations Analyst at Too Good to Go, you work with major grocery brands to reduce food waste. Can you elaborate on the strategies you employ to help these companies achieve their sustainability goals?
    At Too Good To Go, we employ several strategies to help grocery brands reduce food waste. We analyze their waste patterns and implement data-driven solutions to optimize their operations. Educating staff and customers about sustainability practices is also crucial. We create partnerships and campaigns that promote the use of surplus food, ensuring that unsold food is redistributed instead of wasted.

    Looking ahead, What are your long-term professional goals, and how do you plan to continue making an impact across the various industries you’re involved in?
    Looking ahead, my long-term professional goals include expanding my impact in sustainability and business development. I aim to take on more leadership roles, mentor emerging entrepreneurs, and invest in innovative solutions that address global challenges. By continuing to leverage my skills and experiences across various industries, I plan to drive growth, foster sustainability, and inspire positive change in communities worldwide.