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Chardline Chanel-Faiteau is a blogger and style curator for plus-size fashion based out of Boston, MA. Chardline has always had an interest in government, law and politics, but fashion was optional. As a bigger woman, she was routinely excluded from the latest fashion trends, cheering on the sidelines and never a participant and was also disconnected from my own personal style because she lacked the access to fashionable clothing in her size. Thus, lacking the confidence and outlet to express her personality through clothes. Limited offerings in the plus-size sections of department stores forced her to do my best and get creative with the available options.

Chardline Chanel-Faiteau

In recent years, the ubiquity of plus-size blogs radically changed the way she viewed the plus-sized industry, plus-sized women as a whole and more importantly, herself. Chardline created a blog that revolutionised from merely curating fashion trends and styles to spotlighting plus-size women, sharing tid-bits about her life, and speaking self-love, confidence, creativity and abundance with each post. She genuinely enjoys sharing her experiences and resources with her plus-size sisters, especially on the topics of beauty, fashion, health and fitness.

Chardline strongly believes that fashion communicates long before speech, and her clothing always speaks her language. The journey to personal style, she says, is a pleasant roller-coaster of self-discovery, trial and error, and experiments. She proudly displays hers, and encourages more women of size to begin journeys of their own and most importantly, stay the course.

Realizing the strength and breadth of her voice, Chardline actively works to bring awareness to the under-representation of plus-size women in mainstream media and will continue to advocate on their behalf.

Read on for Chardline’s thoughts on “Women Supporting Women” and more…

Describe yourself in 3 words
Resourceful, Curious, and Creative.

Three must-have tools, apps, or products that are essential to your job 

For both of my roles, three necessary tools/apps that I frequent are CoSchedule, Canva and Camera. I love how both of my “jobs” overlap but in two very different worlds. The three C’s are everything. Mailchimp is a close 4th. 

Who/What inspires you? 
I swear this answer changes every time because a big part of my curious nature is learning about people. I was Sociology major in college and studying people and their habits became a permanent fixture in my life. But I will have to go with my Mom on this answer. She literally raised three children with the spirit of a hustler. She didn’t have a traditional 9-5; she used her talents as a decorator, cantor, and caterer to make ends meet. She put us all through private schools and we are doing pretty well for ourselves. She’s super forgiving, but like any other mom; challenging.

What the best piece of advice you have been given in your career?

The best piece of advice I received is to “put in your time”. At first this phrase sounded so cliché to me, but now I understand it. There will always be instances in which you will see people moving on up who get jobs because of their connections, but I am truly blessed with the job I have now because I have put in lot of unpaid and paid time to get here.

What brings you the greatest satisfaction personally and professionally? 
What brings me personal satisfaction is knowing that I helped someone out. I believe that God put me on this Earth to help others. Whether it’s in my profession as a public servant or as a blogger, I am happy knowing that at least one person gets the guidance that they need. 

What quote do you live by?
A new quote I learned to adopt was from on one of my good friend’s Facebook statuses before he passed “Seek to be worth knowing rather than to be well known. 

What advice would you give your 18 year old self?

Funnily enough, I would tell myself “Seek to be worth knowing rather than to be well known.” At 18, all I wanted to do was fit in. When I was younger, I was always teased about my weight. It was hard and I would compromise myself to be someone that I knew I never should’ve been. I would also tell myself to slow down on the whole “I want to be a grown up” thing. The responsibility is not all that great.

On “Women Supporting Women”…

Empowered women empower women. It’s a simple as that. I was fortunate enough to attend an all-girls high school and I saw the effect that we had on each other’s growth. Women are so much stronger and less vulnerable when we stick together. I am so fortunate for all the women I’ve met in my life because they all taught me lesson in some way, shape or form.

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