No Limit

Sometimes, we spend so much time investing in the likes and dislikes of the people we love, like and or are interested in that we forget to invest in ourselves or make ourselves a priority because our focus is all about making the other person happy. This usually doesn’t go well in the long run.

Nothing binds you except your thoughts. Nothing limits you except your fears. And Nothing controls you except your beliefs. Nothing! – Marianne Williamson.

Eleanor Roosevelt said no one can make you feel inferior without your consent so if you’ve found yourself in a rut of people pleasing and putting everyone before yourself now is the time to take back the authority to decide which direction your life goes.

Take some time to invest in yourself. Find out what you want, what really makes you happy and what matters most. Then invest your energy into the betterment of yourself. It’s a grand misconception that someone will ultimately come along and complete you. You attract what you are. If you’re incomplete that is what you will attract.

It’s imperative that you understand that from conception we were whole, everything you need to become the individual you are destined to become is already in you. If you keep attracting questionable people take inventory of what’s going on within. Perhaps it’s time for a new hobby or to take that class and FINALLY complete that degree. There are stages to self enhancement and the first stage is taking a good look at yourself and telling yourself “it’s okay to choose myself”.

No matter what has happened, what you’ve done or been through YOU CAN OVERCOME! NEVER allow your vision to be altered because of the things you’ve done. Don’t count yourself out because of mistakes you’ve made; remember you’re stronger having made them and still standing. NOTHING can limit you unless you allow it. And limits were meant to be exceeded. You are limitless without boundary and you will only reach your full potential when you stop thinking that someone else has to give you permission to do so.

Give yourself permission TODAY to believe in who you are destined to become. Permission to operate in greatness, free from the judgmental opinions that try to stagnate your progress.

I am sharing this piece with you today because the past couple of weeks have been quite trying for me and I have done everything in my power to not allow the influences of outer forces to overwhelm me.

I believe in myself and I believe in you so join me today and say this affirmation to yourself I WAS BORN TO ACCOMPLISH, I WILL ACCOMPLISH, I AM LIMITLESS.

Today is OURS my friends!

About Erica Walcott

Erica is CEO and Sr. designer at her namesake Fashion design company Erica Walcott NY. Her passion for seeing people become their best selves is what inspires her in fashion designing as well as motivational speaking. For more words of inspiration follow her at @therealericawalcott and for the fashion lover in you follow on IG and Twitter at @ericawalcottny

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