Q & A: Yetunde Shorters – I would like to be remembered for changing the lives of so many by helping them STEP FULLY into and embrace their purpose.

Yetunde is a cheerleader for women entrepreneurs. She helps women discover their purpose doing what they love, while helping others in a way that creates financial freedom for them and their families. She is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Miami based international public relations boutique agency, ICY PR. A former model and a professional Graphic Artist.

Yetunde has been featured in Elle, CBS, New African Woman, Zen magazine and more. She is a 3 times Amazon bestselling author and the mastermind behind ICY ACADEMY, an online platform designed to help entrepreneurs live their purpose, help others and build profits. Yetunde has secured publicity for with multiple Grammy award wining artists and has helped brand over 300 entrepreneurs in the last 10 years. She is a writer for Genevieve Magazine, Holistic Fashionista and now African Business. 

I would like to be remembered for changing the lives of so many by helping them STEP FULLY into and embrace their purpose.

Who is Yetunde Shorters? 

I am a lover of fun, a believer in people’s best nature and a cheerleader in full support of everyone living fully in their purpose. I was born in Chicago and raised in Nigeria, West Africa. I started learning about my skills at age 8. I discovered my purpose when I was 10 years old and I moved back to America in 1996 and signed me up as a wiling student to life. From modeling to Public Relations to Branding, somehow, I figured out my secret sauce. It’s Love. From PR with CBS to a Plastics distribution company, to a law firm to a classical music firm and now my own International Boutique PR company. I have the privilege of saying I have been on the path to my purpose for a long time.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in your career so far?
My greatest achievement thus far has been the opportunity to open up the minds of over 300 entrepreneurs in a way that helps them serve the world with their purpose. The impact that they have on others as a result of contact with my process is by far my greatest achievement.

What does being a “Serial Entrepreneur” mean and at what point in your career did you decide to be a one?

Being a Serial Entrepreneur means, I continuously come up with new ideas and start new businesses around those ideas.

Over the course of my life I have had at least 7 businesses. I currently have 3 that are doing very well. ICY PR, AFROPOLITAN CHEF and ICY ACADEMY. For ICY ACADEMY, we just developed the plan to scale it, so I am excited about that for the next years coming. I decided to become a serial entrepreneur because I have multiple passions and I have a habit of building a business around my passions. I create value that serves others, and isn’t that what it’s all about? I live for it. I have an idea book that I write down ideas in. I have over 75 domain names for so many ideas lol I keep renewing them. *laughs out loud* It’s fun for me.

How do you juggle being an entrepreneur, publicist, chef, author and a wife?

Hahaha time management is my best friend. OMG! When you document how much time you spending watching TV, idle chit-chat and wasting on Social Media, you’ll reevaluate how you SPEND your time. Oh I love a good TV binge, but I plan that too. Oprah and I have the same 24 hours in the day. It’s simple NO ONE has any excuse regarding how they spend their time. It is your choice.
Where you spend your time is a good reflection of where your life is. Time is your most valuable asset . I maximize my time.

What is the ICY ACADEMY about and how can it add value to young women looking to be a part?
ICY ACADEMY is an online platform I created to support women entrepreneurs and soon to be entrepreneurs in tapping into their purpose to create prosperity UN-APOLOGETICALLY. I get to utilize my 15 years of experience in pr, branding and marketing working with grammy award winning artist, to millionaires to the small business owners. It’s a mind-set. We focus on your PURPOSE and connect to your authenticity in a way that helps you step fully into your confidence and ability to change the world. It’s about YOU and supporting you in sharing your best self in service to others. ICY ACADEMY is my purpose. I am very clear on that.

When you are not working, you are…?
Hanging out with my husband, we love watching movies in the theatre, cooking, I do to share love and reading. Reading taps into my creativity in a way that nothing else ever has. It opens my mind in a way that makes me see possibilities constantly. I enjoy it.

What inspires you?

People and their potential to change the world. I am inspired by our possibilities.

What advice can you offer to young women who want be entrepreneurs?
So many to give. I’ll give you 3. 1. Master your strengths and your weaknesses, then learn those of others, so you’re ahead of the curve. 2. Know what value you bring to the world and appreciate it (whatever it is). 3. Tap into your network. There is power in people and people are innately good. Ask for help. It benefits all of us.

What is the most important life lesson you’ve learned?

The most important life lesson I have learned so far is that at some point in your life you have to trust God unconditionally. God created all: time, space, matter and as a control freak, realizing that I can not do it all on my own, is the lesson i get reminded of every year. It is a humbling and loving experience.

What is your favourite Quote?
It’s from Eleanor Roosevelt. “ No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. I love that it puts the power in your hands. Power is psychological and if you can embrace your power NO ONE, no matter how hard they try mentally or physically, can ever control you. It’s called SOUL-POWER

What is your take on “women supporting women”?
I am all about it. I believe as women, we bring so much more value to the world when we work together. I am all for collaborations. I have loads of testimonials on that from co-authoring a bestselling book with a dear friend The Closet Editor, Taiece Lanier, to co-producing a fashion workshop for fashion designer with Alexandria Alli of F & W Style, (we launched www.fdtworkshop.com) and soon a project with my PR sister Dorcey Kuti, collaboration is the new BLACK. We get to impact more lives when we work together.

Time travel or teleportation?
I’ll take time travel. I am fascinated by history and so many times I wish I could go back in the past and see what really happened, or go to an alternate future if Africans were never colonized, what that would look like, or another alternate future where we all finally figured it out. Oh the possibilities. Yup, definitely Time Travel. Plus, I am a whovian aka Dr. Who fan. One of the shows I spend planned time binging on *laughs out loud*

What would you like to be remembered for?
Easy. I would like to be remembered for changing the lives of so many by helping them STEP FULLY into and embrace their purpose. And because of that, they get to change the lives of others. It’s eternal love in effect. That would be an awesome legacy I am working towards to be a part of multiple stories of life change across the globe. So even when I am gone, my purpose is still in the story.

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