Skype Conference Call: Beyond Complacency

L-R; Nomndeni Mdakhi, Koereyelle DuBose, Glory Edozien

We had our first global Skype Conference Call with our members featuring three Amazing women from different parts of the world. To say it was very insightful, will be putting it lightly, however, these ladies came through, were open, honest and warm. Overall, we had a great conversation discussing the topic “Beyond Complacency” and everything in-between.
Nomndeni Mdakhi is a South African based in Johannesburg who is passionate about her business and focused on story telling. Nomndeni is the founder of Editstalks – a global conversations platform awakening the world to the impact of Africa’s lifestyle industry. Visit
Koereyelle Dubose based in Atlanta, United States is an author, educator and speaker. Koereyelle is also the created of a platform called The Single Wives Club which is an education and empowerment organisation that inspire single women to become better women before becoming wives. During our call, she shared that she will be publishing a book for Female Entrepreneurs, In the meantime, Koereyelle’s book #Werk101 is available for purchase on

Glory Edozien is based in Lagos, Nigeria where she impacts the lives of young women and girls through her platform – The Inspired Series a personal development and lifestyle platform for career women and entrepreneurs. Check out
So many wise words to soak in but thought we’d share some notes with our readers especially those who couldn’t make it to the call. We hope to see you at the next one!

Koereyelle Dubose

“Sometimes it’s not just life events that happen, that sparks something and pushes you to another level, sometimes it really is you stopping, checking and really evaluating who you are, who you are meant to be, what message you are meant to share with the world, what your path/purpose is.”
“Motivation has to come from within”
“Taking a step towards your goal is better than just siting still.”
“Most of the time, once you make that first move, the other steps are going to be revealed to you.”
“Even if you don’t know where to start, just start somewhere.”
“Any movement is better than just being stuck.”

“Sometimes you can’t look for outside motivators to push you.”

Glory Edozien

“Understand your value as a person, understand that you have various strengths, talents to bring to the table and you are a woman all by yourself.”
“Write your goals down. It can help distill your thoughts and clarify your thinking process.”
“Get a team. It is easier to take your vision forward with a team.”
“Pray about your goals.”
“Find a way to start and you’ll always find people to synegize with you to help you on your journey.”

Nomdeni Mdhaki

“Quit overthinking and go for it.”
“Get it done.”
“Start with what you have and don’t overwhelm yourself.”
“Start small and expand from there on.”

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