Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goals Before The End of 2017.

Some of us set out on 2017 screaming happy new year and going on with the” I WILL “spirit. ” I will finally start, I will do the things I have been dying to do” “I will start on that business” etc.

We are already in the month of March! the first quarter of 2017 is almost over and most of some of us are still in the ” I WILL” and not “I HAVE” category.
If in the third month of 2017 you’re still in the “I WILL ” category, maybe following these steps could help you out.


Be honest with yourself and decide that you want to make the most of 2017.
Decide that you are done with all the promise and fail experiences you have had with yourself and you are finally ready to start doing and not just talking.

Don’t give into the usual talking and hyping with your friends about all the new year resolutions you are making.
Sit down and talk to yourself and be totally honest with yourself about the fact that you have not done much this year and how you want to make 2017 the year you finally start on your vision and dream life.


Who do I want to become?
What do I want to do?
Where do I want to be by this time next year?

These are questions people ask often and it is usually followed by wishful thinking but, you need to focus your mind on being true to yourself, find out who you are and create who you want to be.

When you die, what legacy do you want to leave behind? what do you want to be remembered for? what caliber of people do you want to be aligned with? what do you want people to say about you at your funeral?

You need to take your time to answer these questions and be absolutely honest with yourself about the answer.

If you are not very sure, take your time, we still have 9 months in 2017 so, you have all the time you need to find this out.

One thing that helped me through the process is talking to myself out loud. Having actual audible dialogue with yourself is a great way to mediate and find out answers to questions you are asking about yourself.

Another thing I do is I keep a diary and write down my thoughts as they come, my diary is like my trusted friend, she listens without judgement and eventually, through all that listening, she gives me answers. When my diary is out of reach, I use my phone .

I know this sounds very yoga like but, it is very helpful. Sometimes, when you really ask yourself questions and choose to be honest with yourself, you may not like what you find, but you always find the truth .

When you do find who you want to become, you need to embrace that person, accept him/her without judgement and move forward.


These goals become the things you will focus your entire 2017 on achieving. Setting goals is a very extensive process which we will discuss soon.

In setting goals, you need to set goals that are divided into long term, medium term and short term categories and for each category, a little above realistic; Mark the word ‘little’.

In my business this year, We set a goal that by the end of our first 6 months, we will have 100 repeat customers. Note that I did not say ‘customers’, I said 100 repeat customers . This sounds doable even though it is not as realistic as saying 10 repeat customers.

Keep your goals as a reflection of your expectation of yourself, doable but not totally realistic it almost seems average .

STEP 4 – DO.

Life is in the DO, those who DO succeed’- Dad’s favourite quote.

All this time, you have been with your mind, pen and paper and done all your imagination and soul searching, it is time to get out and start doing the things you have written and said you would do.

This is one of the hardest parts of the process, you need to start doing and keep going at that which you said you will do .

Don’t let self doubt, fear of failure , lack of money hold you back or lack of knowledge, start with what you have and keep going from there.

The best place to learn is on the field, getting shoved down and having small and big wins.

You will never grow until you really start doing the things that you said you will do.

When me and my partner started oriegirl, we started with 20,000 NAIRA and no idea how we will build something to outlive us with that but we believed that skills , hardwork, determination will get us through. Even though you need more than this, we started with what we had.


While working hard on all the things you want to achieve in 2017, you need to keep learning about the things you want to do to stay updated and to keep growing .

Last year, Mark Zuckerberg read 100 books, this got me thinking that if the world’s 6th richest person was still reading, then I have no excuse not to keep reading.

So, never stop learning, read books, blogs, listen to podcasts, attend seminars , keep learning , keep asking questions.

This year, most of my goals were focused on self development, blogging , building a successful business and personal finance which is why ,, ,, Lifehack,, are like my best go to places online as they tackle these subjects excellently and of course, GOOGLE. Google in this age is your best friend, even Sophia Amoroso , the founder of nastygal , the online clothing site that gained 100,000 ,000 dollars in sales without borrowing a dime explains in her book ‘nastygal’ that google was her best friend in her early days for everything she needed to learn about.

Whatever you need to know more about is on the internet so, google.

These may not be all that will get you through 2017 but, these are the steps or tips I hope help you in your journey.Author – Diamond Okoh (Co-Founder of

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