Unlocking Your Potential: An A-Z Career Development Plan for Success.

One of my cherished quotes is by the renowned businesswoman and founder of Estée Lauder Companies, Estée Lauder. It goes, ‘I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.’ 

Drawing from my personal experience, I have come to realize that it is crucial for women to develop their own CDPs (Career Development Plan).” With this in mind, I have created a unique career framework that encompasses the entire alphabet “A-Z.” I wrote a book on this framework titled ‘UNMUTE YOUR MIC’. This framework is designed to help women elevate their careers to the next level and unlock their full potential.

Let’s start with A, which stands for Awareness. As a professional woman, it is vital to become aware of your strengths, weaknesses, values, and goals. Moving on to B, you need to identify and challenge any limiting Beliefs that may be holding you back. C stands for Communication, which involves developing effective communication skills to build strong relationships and confidently convey your message.

Next, we come to D for Decision-making, where you must learn how to make informed and confident decisions in your careers. E represents Emotional Intelligence, which is crucial for better understanding and managing your personal emotions and those of others. Moving to F, you must become more Flexible and adaptable to changes in your career or business.

G is for Growth, where you set personal and professional goals for growth. H focuses on developing Healthy Habits to support your career growth, and I emphasizes the importance of Integrity and authenticity in your journey. J stands for Journey, where you must create a vision for your own career journey and take the necessary steps to achieve it. What worked for Mrs A might not work for Mrs. B.

Continuing to K, you must keep learning and seeking new Knowledge to enhance your skills and expertise. L emphasizes Leadership, where it is critical to develop leadership skills to inspire and guide others. Your own experiences in life are part of the curriculum to mentor others. M is for Motivation, where you must do all you can to find and maintain the motivation to keep going.

N stands for Networking, where as you grow, you should build a network of supportive, like-minded individuals. O represents Optimism, where you must cultivate an optimistic mindset to overcome challenges and setbacks. P is for Passion, where the discovery and pursuit of your passions and interests should be prioritized.

Q focuses on Quality, where you should strive for excellence and deliver high-quality work. R is for Resilience, where you should develop resilience to bounce back from setbacks and challenges. S emphasizes Support, where you should seek and accept support from mentors, peers, and colleagues.

Moving on to T, you must effectively manage your Time to balance your career and personal life. U stands for Understanding,  where you should seek to understand others and be open to different perspectives. V is for Vision, where you should create and clarify the vision for your career.

W focuses on Well-being, where you should prioritize your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. X represents eXperimentation, where you should be open to trying new things and experimenting in your careers. Y is for Yes, where you should say yes to opportunities that align with your goals and values. Finally, Z represents Zeal, where you should approach your life with enthusiasm and passion.

The question you must ask yourself today is, what is my CDP? Therefore, dear global professionals, I encourage you to embrace this framework and take your career to new heights!

Temitope Olukunle is a Forbes Coach, Global Talent Consultant, and an Expert Vetted Upwork Freelancer (Top 1%) which is the largest Global Freelance Platform in the world. With a Multidimensional background and a mission to help African talents, young visionaries, upwardly mobile entrepreneurs, and innovators achieve their professional goals faster and easier, Temi has established herself as a thought leader in the global career space and a leading voice in the HR-Tech industry.

She is the founder of Outnovately Africa, an HR-Tech startup focused on global talent recruitment, human capacity development, and the school of freelancing. As a career coach, she has trained over two thousands young professionals on how to position themselves in the global economy, earn in foreign currencies from home, level up their finance, and create full-time digital career portfolios.

Temi is also the convener of the annual ‘BORDERLESS SUMMIT’ and the weekly ‘OUTNOVATE’ series, where she leads conversations that shape culture and define narratives for African talents, giving clarity on the 5Ms of money, mission, mastery, meaning, and mega moves.