Uncover, the pioneering African self-care startup dedicated to crafting best-in-class skincare solutions, unveiled its groundbreaking I Am Restored Blemish Control Serum.  Meticulously formulated in Korea and tested in Nigeria and Kenya, the I Am Restored Blemish  Control Serum marks a transformative breakthrough in blemish prevention and healing. Its formulation prioritizes the specific needs of melanin-rich skin, providing a distinctive solution tailored for the African consumer. 

Enriched with mandelic acid for gentle exfoliation, salicylic acid to thoroughly unclog pores, and the calming anti-inflammatory agent azelaic acid, the I Am Restored Blemish Control Serum offers an effective, safe, and budget-friendly solution to reduce pimples and prevent future breakouts. 

“The I Am Restored Serum represents more than a blemish control product. It is a testament to our unwavering dedication to African women. Our team, comprising highly experienced formulation scientists, all melanated women with over 15 years of expertise, worked diligently on its development for nearly two years. By integrating formula scientists well-versed in the unique needs of melanated skin and incorporating the insights of marginalized women through focus groups, Uncover can proudly state that we are amplifying the voices of this consumer base.”- Uncover Co-Founder & COO, Jade Oyateru.

Uncover is steadfast in its commitment to elevating skincare standards and becoming a beacon of excellence in the industry. Launching the I Am Restored Serum is just one stride in its ongoing mission to provide effective solutions. With a focus on continuous innovation and a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of melanin-rich skin, Uncover is poised to introduce a range of products that empower individuals across the continent to nurture their skin with the care it deserves. 

To commemorate the launch of the new product, Uncover opened its much-anticipated  Experience Hub in Lagos, Nigeria, on February 25, 2024. Departing from traditional launch events, this Experience Hub is an immersive space where customers can intimately interact with 

the brand and its products. The grand opening in Lagos was a vibrant gathering, attracting skincare enthusiasts, over 100 influencers, and dedicated customers.

“We are thrilled to have created a space that transcends the conventional, inviting our valued customers to connect intimately with the Uncover brand. The Experience Hub symbolizes our passion for fostering communities where shared experiences and empowering conversations redefine the narrative of beauty. Imagine a world where beauty belongs to you, not to standards.  That’s the future we’re asking our community to help us create.” Sneha Mehta, Uncover Co-Founder & CEO. 

The I Am Restored Blemish Control Serum retails for KSh 3,500 in Kenya and ₦16,500 in  Nigeria. The product is available on Uncover’s website,, and retailers throughout both regions, including but not limited to MedPlus, SkinScience, MySkinPlug,  Goodlife, True Cosmetics, MyDawa, Super Cosmetics, and Jumia. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about the brand and new product, we are happy to set up an  interview with Uncover’s Founders: CEO Sneha Mehta and COO Jade Oyateru. You can reach us at the contact information below: 

Taylor Longdon 

Head of Creative and Partnerships 


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