Dayo Odulate-Ademola, Managing Director, Branch Nigeria, was named by The Guardian Newspaper as one of Nigeria’s Top 50 Business CEOs for 2023.

The Guardian Newspaper has recently announced the selection of Dayo Odulate-Ademola, the
Managing Director of Branch Nigeria, as one of Nigeria’s top 50 CEOs for the year 2023. This
recognition is a testament to her outstanding leadership and business acumen, and it celebrates
her contribution to the corporate governance landscape in Nigeria.

As a woman in corporate leadership, Odulate-Ademola has demonstrated exceptional resilience
and determination in breaking through the glass ceiling and achieving success as a business
leader. Her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace has been integral
to her success, and her strategic vision has set a new standard for excellence in the business

In addition to her role as a corporate leader, Dayo is a passionate advocate for women’s
empowerment and economic inclusion. Her dedication to supporting and mentoring aspiring
female leaders has made a significant impact on the business community, and her achievements
have undoubtedly helped pave the way for more women to excel in corporate leadership roles.
Her success as one of Nigeria’s top 50 CEOs is a testament to her exceptional leadership and
business sagacity, and it reinforces the value of empowering women in the business world.
The recognition by The Guardian Newspaper is a well-deserved accolade for Dayo OdulateAdemola, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of gender diversity and inclusion in the
corporate world.

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