Elizabeth Osho: ‘At So.Me Solutions, we recognize the dynamic nature of the modern media landscape and understand the importance of staying ahead of trends.’

Elizabeth Osho is the Founder of award-winning Public Relations Firm SoMedia Solutions Group, a Communication and PR firm with offices in Washington DC and Lagos. A business she built up organically from scratch and has over the years worked with companies of all sizes.

Osho is an excellent communicator and a result-oriented strategist and public relations professional with proven expertise in brand management and strategy, project management, digital marketing, content creation, and lifestyle consultancy. She is also a lifestyle influencer. As the founder of So.Me Solutions, a communications company that has helped numerous brands across different industries to portray unique stories in a way that positively influences the opinion of their target market.

Osho has a proven record of producing results in a fast-paced, target-driven environment. She is able to balance multiple brand enhancement demands, having worked with brands such as Disney, FilmOne/Filmhouse, Unilever, She Builds Initiative, South African Tourism, and more to improve brand recognition and drive profitability within strict deadlines.

She has been featured on numerous TV and radio shows including CNN – a feature on leading women in the digital space in Nigeria. She was also listed as one of the top 100 most inspiring women in Nigeria by Leading Ladies Africa and The Guardian Nigeria. She has worked on large-scale brand influencing for Lancôme, Maggi, and Johnny Walker. Read our conversation with her and be inspired.

Tell us a little about your background. I come from a unique background that has significantly shaped my perspective and resilience. Originally hailing from a two-parent household, my early years were marked by the stability of a family unit. However, the trajectory of my upbringing took a turn when my parents decided to part ways during my formative years. This shift introduced me to the complexities of navigating life between two distinct worlds—the contrasting dynamics of my parents’ separate households.

Growing up in this dual environment required a level of adaptability and emotional intelligence that has profoundly influenced my personal growth. Navigating the nuances of two different households provided me with a rich tapestry of experiences, exposing me to diverse perspectives, values, and ways of approaching life. This duality not only taught me adaptability but also fostered a deep understanding of the importance of empathy, open-mindedness, and resilience.

The challenges and blessings of growing up between two worlds have contributed to the person I am today. I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty in diversity, embracing change as an opportunity for growth rather than an obstacle. This background has instilled in me a profound sense of empathy for those navigating through life’s complexities and a commitment to fostering understanding and connection. From this foundation, I drew strength and inspiration, both personally and in endeavors aimed at helping others navigate their own unique life journeys. I studied Classical Civilisation and Literature at university, and my career background was as a recruitment consultant before I ventured into the world of media, journalism and the ‘creative space’.

You are the founder of So.Me Solutions, a PR consultancy firm. Could you tell us a little about your public relations company and its mission? I started So.Me Solutions in June|July of 2016. My aim was to build a forward-thinking public relations consultancy firm that would redefine the way businesses engage with their audiences in the digital age. Our mission was, and still is, to seamlessly integrate traditional and digital PR strategies to create compelling narratives that resonate with target audiences and drive meaningful connections between brands and their stakeholders.

At So.Me Solutions, we recognize the dynamic nature of the modern media landscape and understand the importance of staying ahead of trends. Our team strives to combine traditional PR expertise with a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem, allowing us to craft comprehensive communication strategies tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Our approach is rooted in authenticity, transparency, and strategic storytelling. We believe that effective PR goes beyond mere promotion; it involves building and nurturing genuine relationships with the public, fostering trust, and contributing positively to the broader societal conversation.

In an era where social media plays a pivotal role in shaping public perceptions, So.Me Solutions excels in leveraging digital platforms to amplify our clients’ messages. Whether it’s managing crisis communications, orchestrating impactful product launches, or building thought leadership, we strive to create PR campaigns that not only capture attention but also drive tangible results for our clients.

Our commitment to innovation and adaptability sets us apart, as we continually evolve our methodologies to navigate the ever-changing landscape of public relations. So.Me Solutions is not just a consultancy; it’s a strategic partner that empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of modern communication and thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

How has the landscape of public relations changed in recent years, given the rise of social media and the 24-hour news cycle? The evolving PR landscape demands a blend of traditional expertise and a deep understanding of digital communication trends.

These changes, primarily the 24-hour news cycle have fundamentally altered the way information is disseminated, consumed, and responded to.  We live in a time of constant and instantaneous Communication, news is accelerated. Social media has turned PR into a two-way communication channel. Brands can now engage directly with their audiences, fostering relationships, addressing concerns, and receiving immediate feedback. Whilst media will never be eradicated, brands can now publish their own content and communicate directly with their target audience, reducing reliance on traditional media outlets.

Successful PR professionals embrace the opportunities presented by social media and the 24-hour news cycle while navigating the challenges to build and maintain meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. The digital nature of social media allows for detailed analytics and measurement of PR efforts. The landscape is in a constant state of flux, with new platforms, trends, and technologies emerging regularly. PR professionals like ourselves must stay agile, at So.Me Solutions, we have been adapting our strategies to leverage the latest tools and channels to remain relevant and effective.

What distinguishes your company from other public relations firms in this highly competitive industry?We are experts in strategic Storytelling and Authenticity. At So.Me Solutions, we place a strong emphasis on strategic storytelling. We believe in crafting narratives that not only capture attention but also resonate authentically with the target audience. Authenticity is at the core of our communication strategies, building genuine connections between brands and their stakeholders.

We pride ourselves on being awesome strategists. The dynamic nature of the PR landscape requires constant adaptation. So.Me Solutions embraces agility, staying ahead of industry trends, emerging technologies, and evolving communication platforms. This ensures that our clients benefit from the latest tools and methodologies to achieve maximum impact.

Can you tell us a little about your book, “Who Do You Think You Are?” and what prompted you to write it? Having navigated through profound and transformative life experiences that would have rattled the foundation of an average person’s world, I’ve felt an innate calling to share the invaluable lessons gained. This strong urge is rooted in a deep-seated desire to empower and support women facing their own set of challenges, crises, and uncertainties. The motivation stems from a belief that by sharing my story, I can provide a source of inspiration and practical insights, helping others navigate through their adversities. The forthcoming book serves as a platform for recounting my personal journey—a journey marked by adversity, trials, and, ultimately, the discovery of happiness in the tumultuous landscape of young womanhood. Through candid storytelling and introspection, I aim to shed light on the resilience of the human spirit, offering a beacon of hope and guidance for those seeking mental well-being and a path to a happier life. My hope is that by sharing the raw and authentic narrative of my own experiences, I can contribute to a collective dialogue that fosters understanding, empathy, and strength, particularly among women grappling with the complexities of life.

It sounds like a book that would appeal to a wide range of readers. Can you tell us about the launch of your book and what you hope readers will take away from it? By reading this book, women will discover some of the tactics I have used to overcome my own adversity, and how I have stayed positive and found happiness despite the unpredictable.

In addition, the reader will:

Discover how to advocate for yourself in trying times.

Recognize and navigate trauma.

Prioritize your mental well-being for the benefit of your family and community.

Identify your habits and how to replace them.

Recognize generational behaviors that you need to change.

Find happiness and stay positive despite the unpredictable.

Hold on to Faith even when things seem hopeless.

How can readers get their hands on a copy of your book?

The book will be available at some traditional bookstores and also primarily on Amazon. Pre-orders of the book are now ongoing and you can get details on that at www.elizabethosho.com

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give a teenage Elizabeth on living an impactful life? If I were to offer advice to a teenage Elizabeth on living an impactful life, it would revolve around personal growth, resilience, empathy, and a commitment to making a positive difference. Living a purpose-filled life, embracing a mentor, and being authentic and true to myself and my values.

It has been fundamental to me to cultivate a mindset of life-long learning. Staying curious, exploring diverse interests, and being open to new ideas. The ability to adapt, reinvent myself, and learn continuously has been an asset throughout life.

In addition, though my path has not been smooth, I celebrate myself, and my wins and I’m grateful for opportunities and the amazing and positive aspects of my life.

Finally, what recommendations would you provide to businesses trying to strengthen their public relations strategies? By working with PR Experts like us on their messaging and making it consistent, clear, and concise, brands can integrate traditional and digital communication channels for a cohesive strategy. This will ensure consistency in messaging across press releases, social media, and other communication platforms.

In addition, cultivate positive relationships with key stakeholders, journalists, and influencers. Brands can establish themselves as a reliable source of information and industry expertise.

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