First of all, Introduction.

A great introduction is like the first bite of fine cuisine, if it tastes great you can’t wait to have more… But I don’t have one so as Ken Poirot says “Turn the page and let’s begin the journey to your greatest adventure.”

Meeting new people is always the best. It gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself; and the opportunities are endless. However, we are who we pretend to be so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. – Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night. Let’s face it! Society does lend to the façade offering so many apps and social media to create what we want people to think about who we are.

Allow me to offer you a fresh perspective… YOU’RE FINE!! 

There is absolutely no need to exaggerate ourselves to fit in, you were born to be exactly who you are and anything else would be a crime to humanity! It is the gift we give each other to accept each other for who we aspire to be. It is also the joy in the freedom of being ourselves.

Each day is a new opportunity to allow people to see who you are, your views, your perceptions, your likes and dislikes. Share them wisely, for the world we live in is the world we shape, the one we create with our words. 

By the way, Hi! My name is Erica and Today, is ours my friends!

About Erica Walcott

Erica is CEO and Sr. designer at her namesake Fashion design company Erica Walcott NY. Her passion for seeing people become their best selves is what inspires her in fashion designing as well as motivational speaking. For more words of inspiration follow her at @therealericawalcott and for the fashion lover in you follow on IG and Twitter at @ericawalcottny

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