The 1st Annual Film Gala, presented by Moët & Chandon and Filmhouse Cinemas, will be held on Saturday, the 26th of January2019, coinciding with the global award seasons. Moët & Chandon, the official champagne of the Oscars and Filmhouse, the premium film exhibition company in Nigeria, have aligned to showcase the creativity of the film industry.

The Film Gala will celebrate and honor the works of our game changers and ground breaking members of our ever-blooming film industry. It is set to be a night of arts, glamour and fine dining as it will feature the best of Nollywood and initiatives that have left strong imprints in our society. Most importantly, the theme of the night will reflect the continuity of support, promotion ofopportunity and growth that the community has given and will finish off bygiving back to the community. 

Filmhouse Cinemas Limited is a dynamic film exhibition company that not only explores film culture but creates it here in Nigeria. Over the past few years, Filmhouse Cinemas has solidified its place as the foremost film authority in Nigeria andindeed, intends to expand that voice of authority by being fully committed tothe development of the indigenous market as it is key to the growth of the Nigerian theatrical movie industry. Filmhouse Cinemas recognizes that indigenous filmmakers are changing contemporary cinema, producing an astonishing volume of content that continues to change the film game in this country. It is thus important and necessary that we have an initiative such as the Film Gala which gives them the platforms they deserve in order to better tell our stories and create space for us on theglobal stage.

As a brand, Moët & Chandon are known for their ground breaking artistic partnerships. Not only do they know how to create customized luxury experiences and indeed, moments, but they are also committed to supporting and providing visibility to the Arts along with worthy causes, events and outstanding contributions related to the Arts.

Being the first of its kind in Nigeria, the Film Gala is set to celebrate an exceptional year of filmmaking, highlighting the outstanding contributions by filmmakers and the like that have propelled the Nigerian and the African industry at large to greater heights. The Film Gala will showcase the business of film, provide recognition to filmmakers, foster alignment and leadership within the film industry, celebrate and show-off film business in Nigeria YTD and give back by showcasing lesspopular filmmakers through short films. The event itself will be carefullycurated to cater a luxury menu that is paired with Moët & Chandon. Lastly,the event will offer quite an exciting experience from the arrival by boat of guests, to the champagne hour at the very beginning until the after party at the very end.

Filmhouse applauds the independent and short film makers for their talent, innovation,creativity and passion. The Film gala is thus a platform to help filmmakers get the applause they deserve and the partnerships required to help shape their projects and bring their stories to life! Filmhouse is one hundred percent committed to nurturing filmmakers to progress and flourish within the industry. The Film gala is positioned to illuminate the achievements of indigenous film makers, present training andprofessional programs, awarding a cash prize on the night and providing access to a supportive community of peers.

The Gala will be hosted by 2010 Miss Black USA Pageant winner and acclaimed actress, Osas Ighodaro-Ajibade and singer, songwriter and actress,Toni Tones.

On the FilmGala, Marketing Director of FilmOne, Lolu Desalu, “We wanted to partner with a brand that understands the essence of film, who has film as one of their major pillars. As a brand, Moët & Chandon are known for their ground breaking artistic partnerships. They are committed to supporting and providing visibility to the Arts along with worthy causes, events and meaningful inputs infused into to the Arts, particularly here in Nigeria. This is a brand that has supported our industry for so long internationally and locally and we so proud to be partnering with them on this. “

Elizabeth Oputa, Manager of Champagne brands Moët Hennessy Nigeria, further reiterated that the brand, “Moët & Chandon has a long-standing affair with cinema. Through this innovative partnership with the foremost cinematic platform in the industry, Filmhouse Cinemas, we are indeed privileged to be able to toast to the achievements in Nigeria’s film industry and honor those who have worked hard to build it up to where it is today. We expect this to be a fabulous celebration, full of allure and grandiosity with a little magic, of course.”

The glamorous show is happening on the 26th of January in Lagos and will host 250 guests to an exquisite evening.

About Moët &Chandon

Recognized for itsquality and prestige, Moët & Chandon is the champagne of choice for celebration in both big and small moments. The venerable house has captured the attention of the brightest stars since the birth of the film industry. Founded in 1743, Moët & Chandon contributed to introduce champagne to the world by offering a range of unique wines for every occasion. Moët & Chandon celebrates the thrill of living. With a bottle of its champagne opened every second around the globe, Moët & Chandon knows that every second is an experience, and every experience is a #Moetmoment to live now.

About FilmOne Distribution and Production: 
FilmOne Distribution and Production Limited is the leading West African independent distributor of filmed entertainment. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, we distribute a wide-range of mainstream, commercial pictures including international and indigenous titles. Since its foray into production, the company has also become one of the leading production houses releasing crowd pleasing hits such as The Wedding Party Series, My Wife and I, New Money, Lunch Time Heroes and the upcoming Merry Men: The real Yoruba Demons. Further information on FilmOne can be found at 

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