Motivation: Starting Again After Starting Again

Once in a while, we all have moments where we second guess ourselves, downplay our achievements, over think our “current” situations, analyse, critcize and bring ourselves down with our thoughts. At times like these when you can’t cheer for yourself, Its a great thing to have that one cheerleader to spur you on.

Love this piece from the amazing Betty Irabor.
It should be read time and time again for when your “personal”cheerleader is on vacation. 🙂

A while ago, I found myself in a not so good place. I was moaning and asking my daughter “what have I actually achieved? I felt I hadn’t achieved as much as I goals, my dreams. I had tried a few new ventures and they fell through; some because of the declining economy and some because “life happens”. It was one of those days when you look at yourself and feel “God, my life is passing me by and I have achieved nothing”. 

After I had finished moaning, my daughter began to itemize everything I had achieved, most of which I had underplayed , she reminded me of many of my morning dew inspirations. She quoted out of my book to remind me of how far and how well I had come. She reminded me of the reasons I should be grateful and not despair. She became the mother, while I was the child. I soaked in her healing words. I began to gain my positive strength back and I gradually snapped out of it. I began to focus on what I had achieved and not what I hadn’t. Then I got up and began to move into action and chase those dreams again with renewed vigour.

My message to you today is when you find yourself in that place where you feel like you’re drifting with no direction, a place of self doubt and maybe you see yourself as a Down right failure, take a moment to reflect on what you have achieved no matter how insignificant, go into gratitude mode and then begin to focus on your next move. Don’t dwell too much on what you haven’t achieved rather focus on how to achieve it.., it’s never too late to start again even after starting again.. It aso helps to have that one encourager in your life for moments when you don’t feel quite like a champion.

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