Skype Conference Call – Walking in Wealth & Purpose

L-R; Omilola Oshikoya, Ahyiana Angel, Kae Whitaker

On the 17th of November, we had our monthly skype call which featured three incredible women who are doing incredible things independently. The synergy however, during the call was a confirmation that though we are individually unique as individuals, together, we are complete.

We discussed different topics ranging from Life path to attracting wealth to social media and businesses to habits for productivity, affirmations and more. It was such an insightful call that we felt a little bit bad for those who missed out on it because the nuggets of wisdom on this call runneth over and we can only share but a few with our readers.

However, feel free to join us next year on other calls, wisdom is usually gained in the process!

About Our Guests

Omilola Oshikoya is known as Africa’s premier wealth coach with over 12 years’ experience in finance/investment banking. A columnist for the second most widely read newspaper in Nigeria and the creator of Pocket Finance, a blog focused on providing information on personal finance & business for entrepreneurs. Omilola is the founder of Omilola Oshikoya International, a life and finance coaching company. She is also a co-host for a talk show which airs in 44 African Countries including the United Kingdom and is responsible for media and publications at Guiding Light Assembly.

Omilola is curently putting together a #DoItAfraid Conference so if you are in Lagos Nigeria, Get your tickets!

Ahyiana Angel is an author and founder of Life According To Her where she is the Chief Encourager, however, by design, Ahyiana is a creator. Creator of a buzzed about jewelry line featured by Vogue magazine and worn by Pop Icon Beyoncé, creator of a debut novel worthy of traditional publishing, and creator of a stellar career in publicity having worked with one of the top sports entertainment leagues, the National Basketball Association (NBA). Ultimately, one of her proudest accomplishments is creating an environment where others find encouragement as a result of her positive energy, skill, and fearless attitude.

Kae Whitaker is an international business strategist specializing in digital marketing for creative entrepreneurs. Kae personal branding and business development coaching focuses on the whole brand. She understands that in order for one to be successful that all pieces have to line up. So from your messaging, to your branding, to the team that you have behind you, Kae ensures that get everything you need in it’s proper place in order for you to develop the well-oiled machine that you deserve.

Some notes from the call…

Ahyiana Angel

Take action even if it is the smallest step. Start planning your 2017 now, start researching now, start taking fleshing out your ideas now. You don’t have o tell everybody what you want to do, just start doing.

If you are always second guessing everything that you do and never putting anything out there to be consumed, no one will ever check for you. Put yourself out there and take action.

Having a positive mind-set, grateful spirit and attitude each day when you wake up is beneficial when you are trying to do things that are challenging.

I’m using my platform “Life According to Her” to support and encourage other women because women supporting and encouraging each other, shows strength and it shows how you can be strong as an individual and also strong as a part of a larger community. So we have to lead by our examples and that is why I think #Womensupportingwomen is so important because hopeful the next generation to come wouldn’t need to do so much ground work because the movement wouldn’t be a movement anymore or a conversation… it will just BE.

Kae Whitaker

You are what you say you are. Whatever you put your focus on, is what is going to grow!

Women supporting women doesn’t happen enough. If we focus more on knowing that all of our gifts (Even if they are the same/similar) are unique to us and if we can get past competing with one another, we can go further together than we do separately.

Use fear as the catalyst to get you to where you need to be. Fear is just something that keeps you in caution so you don’t make mistakes but you cannot allow fear to be a paralyzation for you accomplishing what you ultimately set out to do.

Omilola Oshikoya

No matter your past or background, you’re in perfect condition for God to use.

We all go through a process in life. And whatever process you are going through is just giving you muscles for greatness and building character in you.

Overtime, I’ve realised that we are all on the same team and the Sky is big enough for everybody to fly. #Womensupportingwomen

Our words are so powerful; we have to speak into existence what we want to see.

You can do anything you set your mind to. If you are afraid, it’s fine… fear is and emotion and a part of the package but do not let fear paralyse you. #Doitafraid

Sometimes get away from the noise, listen to yourself, reflect, hear from God and then launch out. There is nothing that can stop you but you.

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