Sandrah Tubobereni of TUBO Hosts over 100 Entrepreneurs to “Impact Day with Tubobereni”.

Sandrah Tubobereni, founder and creative director of luxury fashion brand – TUBO, invited over 100 women for an impact day. The Maiden Edition of #ImpactdaywithTubo was the perfect way to end the month of March! With guests from industries across Nigeria in attendance. It was hosted on the 27th of March 2022 in Lagos, Nigeria. Sandrah Tubobereni or Tubo as she’s fondly called did not hold back in teaching the lessons she had acquired over the years and taught so eloquently on the following subjects. Human Resource Standard Operating Procedures, Marketing, Client Retention, Branding, Personal effectiveness strategies, and Client Profiling tips and Business Experiences to enhance entrepreneurial knowledge.

We had a brief chat with the founder of TUBO, Tubobereni;
Tell us about yourself and why you started the brand?
I was born in Part Harcourt in 1991; I have always loved fashion, although I have had brief work experiences, inexperience in Business Development, and an MBA from Coventry University, with a Distinction in Global Financial Services.

I founded TUBO in late 2014 due to my creative vision to change the world through fashion coupled with my daring imagination and audacity and introduce the world to my refined style and understanding of the female physique through designs and fabrics infused with her Nigerian Heritage.

What is the vision of the TUBO brand?
TUBO believes in celebrating and empowering women through clothes. The goal is to encapsulate the vibrancy of African culture laced with contemporary global influences. As a self-taught designer, my passion fuels my ability to create, pushing the boundaries of style and creativity.

Tell us about Impact Day with Tubobereni.
In line with international women’s day, the event’s purpose was to share knowledge. In line with this year’s theme of breaking the bias, accurate information can help us break the bias. We sometimes love to act as gatekeepers to certain things, which can be wrong; I wanted a platform where there were no restrictions. To give value to our attendees, we highlighted significant areas such as Business Finance, Human Resource Standard Operating Procedures, Client Profiling, Client Retention, Marketing, Branding, Business Experiences, and Personal effectiveness to enhance their entrepreneurial knowledge. The planning and execution of this event was an overall success with the support of several establishments like The Vie by Neni boutique event production company who successfully planned and coordinated the event, The Luxeshopper luxury retail store catering to logistics, and Blackbell Restaurant ensuring we were overfed.

That is amazing! Would there be future events?
Yes! We plan to host one annually or bi-annually; initially, I planned to host fifteen women, but then I eventually had to adjust due to the number of applications I received.

How does one get the opportunity to attend or connect with you?
I have a mailing list, and you can find this on my personal website, However, Tubo bridal, Bespoke and Ready to Wear pieces can be ordered through .

Can you tell us about your outfit for the day?
I was dressed in the latest Tubo Ready to Wear piece on TUBORTW named after the event “IMPACT DRESS SUIT”, it’s available for order via the website and we ship worldwide. You can contact us at +2348099973000.

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