Shiro Lagos Introduces “Let’s Lunch” Menu

I get way too much happiness from good food – Elizabeth Olsen


This month has been an incredible one so far being our anniversary month, the month we stop for a minute and appreciate how far we have come, the work we have put in and the impact we have made so far nationally and internationally. So… to the purpose of this post, taking a break from the hustle and bustle to enjoying Good Great Fooooooood!

As a lover of great food and a self proclaimed member of the foodies association for exotic and well made dishes, i had the privilege of being invited to taste the brand new menu put together by Shiro Lagos for Lunch Hour in Lagos, Nigeria.

The “Let’s Lunch” menu has two convenient options one can choose from which is the N8,500 Option or the N10,000 option. *The N8,500 option is for a 3 Course Meal while the N10,000 option is for a 4 Course Meal.

We had the four course meal which comprises of a Soup, Appetizers, Main Course & Dessert! To be honest, once i

saw the menu, i knew i was in for a great meal and started my lunch with the Chilli Lemon Soup which was absolutely Delicious! I also got to taste the Thai Kwai which sent me straight to foodie heaven as the first drop touched the tip of my tongue (It was THAT good).

After our first course, the soup, i had Korean Chilli Potatoes which was nice but then i had a taste of the Shiro Style Bang Bang Chicken Salad and i literally kicked myself in the foot… “i should have chosen that one” i thought… lol. It wasn’t that bad though but i like the Bang Bang Chicken Salad better!

Next Up was the Main Course (I was full at this point yet giddy with excitement as to what we would be served next) and i chose the Mi Goreng –

Chicken which is made of freshly noodles tossed with spicy thai sauce & chinese wine! It was deliciously filling, absolutely loved it. Couldn’t finish this meal (Did i mention that the portions are generously served?) because i had to leave some space for dessert.

Desert came and it was just what i wanted at this point, Mandarin Chocolate Velvet Cake which was worth every extra inch added to my waistline. (Got to taste the other option – Yuzu Semifreddo because, why not? lol)

Shiro is definitely one place i’d like to wine and dine with the mister while we talk and laugh over sweet nothings but i digress… the Shiro “Let’s Lunch” menu is available from today between 12:30pm and 3:00pm (Weekdays Only)

Lunch Date? Lunch Meeting? Catch up with Friends over Lunch? Spoil yourself with Lunch? Anything Lunch Related, Get Lunch at Shiro and thank me later!



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