Sito Health: Meet the women on a mission to revolutionize nutrition support and promote better well-being for Africans.

Sito Health is a TNN Africa company that combines cutting-edge AI technology with nutrition expertise to provide comprehensive and personalized nutrition support for individuals with chronic illnesses.

Their AI-powered platform analyzes vast amounts of health data, including individual health profiles, medical records, and real-time tracking data, to deliver tailored nutrition plans, meal recommendations, and intelligent insights. Her Network had a chat with them to learn more about the company. Read and be inspired!

Tito Ipinmoye, RD – Founder/CEO
Tell us about your motivation for creating Sito Health.

There’s a rising epidemic of chronic illnesses in Africa, so building sito Health for me stemmed from a passion for solving the problem of malnutrition and poor access to efficient Nutrition care and diet therapy among Africans. As a clinical dietitian, I saw firsthand the impact of Nutritional-related diseases on individuals, families, and communities. And I knew I had to do something differently because whatever we were doing, even globally, wasn’t working.

Most importantly, Sito Health was born out of the belief that everyone deserves access to efficient and effective nutrition care, no matter their pocket size. And that’s why there’s an affordable plan for everyone across all our platforms.

What are your long-term objectives for the brand?
At Sito Health, we are very ambitious founders. Our long-term objective is to be Africa’s leading Nutrition support and diet therapy provider, driving positive change in nutrition care accessibility and delivery.

We are looking to expand our reach across the continent, offering our AI-powered platform to individuals, healthcare institutions, and communities in need. We envision a future where holistic health management is easily accessible to all Africans, contributing to a healthier and happier society.

Your company is led by women; how does it feel to have an all-female executive team?
People often say working with women is tough, but I’ve had a different experience so far. While searching for co-founders who shared my vision for healthcare in Africa, I found the best women a girl could ever ask for.

Having an all-female executive team at Sito Health is empowering and inspiring. It highlights the importance of gender diversity in leadership roles and the value of diverse perspectives in decision-making. As women, we bring different strengths and experiences to the table, which fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment. I am proud of the talented and dedicated women leading Sito Health, and together, we are breaking barriers and positively impacting the healthcare industry.

Working with an all-female leadership team has not only strengthened our commitment to our mission but has also reaffirmed the tremendous potential of women in driving positive change in the healthcare industry.

Kunbi Bello – Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer
What is a typical day in the life of Sito Health’s COO like?
As a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Sito Health, my day constantly changes and has different tasks. Each day presents unique challenges and opportunities, which makes my job exciting and satisfying.

In the mornings, I check my emails and messages to stay informed about any pressing matters or updates from our teams. I usually meet with team leads to discuss ongoing projects, address any issues, and develop solutions to improve our operations. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is working with the CEO and other co-founders. Together, we determine the company’s strategic direction, define our goals and priorities, and ensure that we stay true to our mission of providing personalized nutrition support to people with chronic illnesses.

Throughout the day, I keep track of Sito’s performance, ensuring that it analyses health data accurately and provides intelligent insights to our users. It’s essential to balance using AI technology to its fullest potential and maintaining a human touch, especially when dealing with sensitive health information.

What have been your operational challenges thus far, and how have you overcome them?
At Sito Health, we face operational challenges, but we have a solid and resilient team that tackles them head-on. We prioritize data privacy and security and continuously invest in robust measures to protect our users’ information. As we grow, we focus on scaling the platform and maintaining its performance, exploring innovative solutions to meet these demands.

Engaging with our customers is a fulfilling aspect of my work. Hearing their stories and understanding how Sito Health has positively impacted their lives brings me joy. We value their feedback, which helps us enhance our offerings and tailor nutrition plans more effectively.

What are your thoughts on women supporting women?
As a woman in a leadership position, I strongly support women supporting other women. It’s important to me to create a work environment where everyone, regardless of gender, feels empowered to succeed and develop. Encouraging mentorship, networking, and diversity within our team is not only the right thing to do but also benefits our company’s overall success.

Leading as the COO of Sito Health, each day is exciting and fulfilling. I get to innovate, collaborate, and positively impact the lives of individuals with chronic illnesses. I’m excited about each new day’s challenges and accomplishments, knowing we’re making a difference in personalized nutrition support.

Evi (Airvee) Uwede – Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Tell us about your background in technology and why you believe Sito Health has an advantage over other similar brands.
I have my undergraduate degree in computer science and I’ve been a designer for 8 years since 2017 I’ve worked on a range of products in different industries.

One of our strengths at Sito is our dedication to understanding user needs and making the necessary iterations and pivots based on feedback and user behavior. Always finding the sweet spot that combines user and business goals.

How has it been working with an all-female executive team been for you?
It has been most rewarding and exciting, we’re all dedicated towards excellence and on the same page, some days it feels too easy. There’s little back and forth as we understand our individual and professional strengths and respect when decisions are made by those who own those responsibilities.

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