Starting Over

You started a business, invested a lot of effort and time into growing it, and everyone knows you as the founder of the company. Now, you’re unhappy in the business for whatever reason, and things aren’t working out as you had hoped. But you’re worried about closing shop, and starting a new company because “People already know me as founder of XYZ company”, “How can I just start a new company, after I’ve build brand equity with this one ?”

Listen Woman. This is not about what other people think, this is about you. If you’re unhappy in a business, and afraid to leave because you’re worried about other people, you better believe that the business will crash sooner than later. Do you remember any of the businesses that Steve Jobs started throughout his life ? Nope. I bet you remember Apple though ? Do you remember any of the businesses that Richard Branson started and failed at ? Nope. I bet you remember Virgin Group though. When you succeed at something, the world forgets the many times you may have failed or had challenges.

Don’t be afraid to start over again. Just get out, and Start. Not tomorrow…..TODAY.

Author – Adaora Mbelu-Dania (Creative Industrialist. Strategist. Dreamer)

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