Yes, you can do it. But is the time right though ?

There are many challenges that come with being super talented, and passion driven. One of the primary ones is wanting to do everything at the same time. Yes, you’re a great writer. But are you really ready to write a book ? Yes, you’re a great speaker. But are you really ready to speak publicly? Yes, you have spiritual gifts, and you’re a great counsellor, but are you ready to preach or counsel?

Some things take time, experience, and maturity. A friend of mine recently said, “Don’t open a wound, you cannot heal.” This is such a deep message. As a counsellor for instance, Don’t ask people to pour out their hearts to you, if you cannot fix their problem, or at least help them stabilize. You just open a wounds, and hurts that should’ve been left closed until you’re ready to handle them. The same applies to many aspects of our lives. It’s easy to have an interest in something and want to jump right into it – especially in a world that continuously tells us to “Just Do It”. By all means, Do It, but be sure that it’s the right time. Don’t write a book because everyone thinks you should. Write a book because you want to do it, and the time is right.

The world tells us that there’s no such thing as the right time. Sister, there is such thing as the right time. Just ask a sky diver if there’s a right time to pull their parachute.
Author – Adaora Mbelu-Dania (Creative Industrialist. Strategist. Dreamer)

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