The Choice You Will Never Regret Making

To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else – Bernadette Devlin

There are many choices to be made on this journey. One of the most important is to choose yourself. It is also one of the most difficult but extremely necessary!

On our daily journeys we aspire to greatness. However, the success of that greatness becomes somehow linked to someone else’s perception of it. It is this fact, and this fact alone that delays most of our inevitable successes as well as overall satisfaction with our efforts and accomplishments.

Today I would like to invite you to join me in doing something some might view as selfish but again that’s just a matter of perspective. Release yourself from what you’ve been told and commit to your future the way it is within you. Step by step, focus, plan, strategize execute! Though the task may seem daunting, THIS is not the time to become discouraged and quit.

You are closer than you’ve ever been, Stronger than you realize and Wiser than you know! I’ll leave you with this. There is one truth that you must embrace the path to success is most times lonely. Some won’t go with you for many reasons; they just don’t believe, they think it’s impossible, they think it’s unnecessary or they just don’t want YOU to!

None the less dear, your path has already been determined not seeing it through to the goal would be a complete disservice.
So if you’ve never heard it said to you, CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IN YOU!

Today is OURS my friends.

About Erica Walcott

Erica is CEO and Sr. designer at her namesake Fashion design company Erica Walcott NY. Her passion for seeing people become their best selves is what inspires her in fashion designing as well as motivational speaking. For more words of inspiration follow her at @therealericawalcott and for the fashion lover in you follow on IG and Twitter at @ericawalcottny

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