The Gift of YOUR Legacy


Tell me, and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand! – Chinese proverb

In today’s society so many are chasing their dreams, pursuing their goals at no matter the cost, and don’t misunderstand there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, how many are investing in those dreams through the avenues of dissemination, taking some of the responsibility for how the generations after us perceive our efforts. Teaching someone else the meaning of the vision, fostering a passion to burn within them as hot as it burns within us.

There are three concepts I’d like to submit to you for thought. These concepts are not new but can be revolutionary if we not only believe in our vision but that this vision can benefit our communities and society at large. So you know I’m always talking about perspective. What if everything we encountered was not only to empower us but generations to come through strategic sharing?

What if through our mistakes we EDUCATED? Taught and shared how the things we’ve encountered have taught us and compelled us to see things differently. How our hurts and failures have made us stronger and wiser; and how we should never be ashamed of failure! Failure IS NOT FINAL! The only real embarrassment of hurt and failure is allowing it to keep us there and not learning anything from what we’ve been through. We MUST pick ourselves up and teach our younger counterparts to pick themselves up as well, the success of the vision depends on it.

What if through our disappointments we ENGAGED? And not ran, hid or kept quiet when someone else goes through something similar. I have noticed on my journey, that there are some people that are content allowing other people relive the pain they had to endure simply because and plainly put “no one helped me, or no one was there when I needed it…they’ll learn!” to me this is the ultimate form of selfishness. We have been given an opportunity through what we’ve endured to change how someone else perceives their disappointments to have a direct involvement in the betterment of another human being, isn’t this why we build?

What if through our setbacks we EMPOWERED; most of the times we experience a setback, we complain and become frustrated about why things aren’t working out the way we expected or planned. Instead of trying to see the reason that the setback may have happened in the first place. Sometimes we’re held up because of a chance encounter. Never be too busy as an innovator, entrepreneur or a builder to stop and meet or help someone; that meeting could very well change your life.

What if we used every opportunity to create a legacy! What if we began to plan and strategize how we could share the vision with the next generation? Some of us are always going on about how there’s not enough help. Well what if we created help. Someone said something to me this week that was very profound. He said… “In bringing forth the plan I have no intention of using experienced seasoned professionals though their skill and expertise is without question. I want to utilize fresh minds straight out of college because they’re excited to build and become a part of something meaningful and their not afraid to take risks simply because they’ve not made any mistakes yet.” What if the key to our impending successes is our ability to Educate, Engage and Empower?

I want to challenge you to find someone that you can invest your time, knowledge and vision into. Share with them the things you have learned along the way. Allow them to see some of the experiences you’ve had, the painful as well as the uplifting! The return will be limitless. For some, we may not see it in our lifetime but if we do this correctly, we, the vision WILL live on for lifetimes. So what’s your legacy?…Educate, Engage and Empower!

Today is OURS my friends!

About Erica Walcott

Erica is CEO and Sr. designer at her namesake Fashion design company Erica Walcott NY. Her passion for seeing people become their best selves is what inspires her in fashion designing as well as motivational speaking. For more words of inspiration follow her at @therealericawalcott and for the fashion lover in you follow on IG and Twitter at @ericawalcottny

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