4 Things To Know About Intuitive People

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” –Albert Einstein

The quote above is a powerful statement by Albert Einstein that provides evidence for why our intuition deserves attention.

Intuition is something I never understood until I went through my life coaching certification program. That gut feeling I always made sure to lock away while I reached for logic was suddenly considered a valuable “tool” during my training. I was free to get to know my intuition better and flex that muscle. During this process, I learned more about what makes a person intuitive so that I could develop myself in that way.


Here are four things to know about intuitive people:

1. They trust themselves.

Everyone has intuition, but what sets the average Joe apart from an intuitive person is trust. Intuitive people trust themselves enough to defy logic. We all receive messages of doubt and negativity throughout our day, but intuitive people look past the muddled, unclear messages and trust the way they feel. They put more stock in what they think of themselves rather than the views of those around them.

2. They aren’t afraid of their thoughts and feelings.

“A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear.” –Unknown 

Ignoring their thoughts and feelings is not an option for those who are intuitive. People who are too busy or look too far ahead into the future have a difficult time with intuition because they aren’t giving themselves enough time to get to know who they are and be aware of what’s happening in the present. They face their thoughts and feelings head on and trust them.

“If you want to live an intuitive life, you have to have courage to be open to who you are.” –Sonia Choquette

3. They are aware of all forms of communication.

Words are not the only form of communication with a valuable message. Intuitive people listen to tone, body language, movement, environment, experience, facial expressions, and even silence. The many messages surrounding us on any given day are all taken in, sorted, and understood by the intuitive person.

4. They live authentic lives.

We may try to fool the world, but we can’t fool ourselves. If we aren’t living genuine lives, eventually we will lose who we are. Intuitive people must live authentic lives so that they can be truly in-tune and receptive to the messages around them.

Remember: “The more you trust your intuition, the stronger it gets. Listen.” –Anna Taylor



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