5 Things to tell Yourself Today.

Self talk is vital for self growth and being. As we live, we learn how to communicate and as we communicate, we learn how to talk to people but one thing we overlook is how to talk to ourselves which should be top priority and a habit we should cultivate and apply every day. Its being said that self talk is the most powerful form of communication because it either empowers or defeats you and really, no truer words have been said.

So start today if you haven’t already to talk to yourself positively and the 5 things we have listed below is a good way to start.

1. Everything will work out: Most times when hopeful for a positive outcome on something we are working on or expecting great news, we tend to subconsciously open up the door to anxiety, fear and doubt. Tell yourself Everything will work out. Everything has worked out. Speak it, believe it and it’s already done.
2. This too, shall pass: This doesn’t mean that the problem, feelings or situation will magically disappear. Rather, it can lead to a very reflective thought process that helps you find inner strength to address the challenge at hand or simply continue to put one foot in front of the other. So tell yourself “This too, shall pass” then let it be.
3. The time is Now: If not now, when? If not you, who? A lot of us wait and procrastinate for the “perfect” moment or until we are ready however, it’s imperative to know that there is no perfect moment and you will never be “ready”… just take the moment and make it perfect. The time is now to do those things you’ve always wanted to do and go those places you’ve always wanted to go and just live because tomorrow is not promised and there is no better time now now to get on with it.
4. You can be who you really are: Society tells us who we should be and more often than not we have caught ourselves being just that, taking on different roles and character just to be accepted. Therefore ignoring ourselves. The beautiful thing about life is as we live, we learn so tell yourself it is ok to be who you really are and grow into your own. There is no one quite like you in this entire universe so why would you want to be anyone else?
5. You Got This: What your mind can conceive you can achieve. What are you afraid of? What’s making you nervous? Speak to yourself, give yourself a pep talk regularly, talk to yourself and assure yourself. You’ve Got This!

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