A Cuppa Tea with Cubes; A Bi-Weekly Show for the Everyday Woman

We have the pleasure of introducing a new web-based talk show, Tea With Cubes. Tea with Cubes is a biweekly show which aims to reach the everyday woman, with highlights on current events, hot topics and discussions on relevant life issues like Goal Setting, Society and Peer Pressure, Marriage, Personal Finance and more!

Tea With Cubes is hosted by the ever bubbly Cupcakes, blogger/vlogger Berry Dakara, and no-nonsense Stillwaters. Each woman brings something different to the table, and there are bound to be “lively” discussions and opinions.

Tea with cubes started on January 7th and will air every other Sunday afterwards, tune in via Instagram and Facebook to catch it. Tea With Cubes welcomes the audience to participate in their live shows, by sharing questions and comments. So grab a cuppa tea, coffee, cocoa or whatever suits your fancy and have a sip with someone you love while these queens spill theirs on the show.
Episodes are also available to watch on their Youtube channel! (https://youtu.be/7UoVcN_S09E)

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