Alex Elle, A Woman in Progress and Lessons Learned Along the Way!

Self Care is of utmost importance to everyone as it is the bedrock of everything we embody. So, whenever we come across any post or article that promotes self love and self care, we share with our community to inspire them and remind them to keep putting them first.

Alex Elle, a mother, poet, business owner, and self-care advocate who’s made a name for herself by writing empowering poems that lift up women and girls, recently shared on her Twitter, lessons she’s learned by being a Woman in Progress. We hope by sharing this, you get to reflect and write yours down to. Perhaps you’d see the difference between where you were before and where you are now and appreciate more, the progress you’ve made so far and begin to enjoy your journey of growth.

These are the things being a Woman in Progress has taught Alex;

1. Self-celebration is an essential and a necessary act for my wellbeing + ability to thrive.

2. Real life connection matters. Social media is not a substitute for checking in. In person, and offline, community nurturing is pivotal!

3. I deserve quiet time, and I will make space for silence in my life.

4. Being warm to people, even when they are harsh, will likely soften the energy and make room for understanding.

5. I will not cower or hide. I can stand tall even in moments that are uncomfortable.

6. Trusting my abundance has to play a part in my evolution.

7. Letting go is necessary. I will continue to shed in order to unfold into my best self.

By Sharing, Alex’s post is a reminder to pause and reflect and acknowledge how far we have come, and appreciate the lessons that come with growth. Sometimes a re-evaluation could be all that’s needed for a fresh perspective!

What are some of the things you are currently learning in your journey?

Please share with us in the comment section below.


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