Chioma Ikokwu’s Tips for Success

Success is relative and means different things to different people. For some, success means living a fulfilled life while for others, it has to be owning millions in the bank.

Although we all define success differently, one things stands true – During the course of our journey to becoming successful, equipping ourselves, with knowledge, skill and more is imperative and a little encouragement or inspiration goes a very long way.

We recently came across a post (and thought to share) on becoming successful where Chioma Ikokwu  , an entrepreneur and CEO of Good Hair Ltd  shared 3 personal tips that have worked for her brand in hopes that it inspires someone to kick start their business.

Read, enjoy and please share any tip(s) you may have by leaving a comment in the comment section below;

Aim to create value: Make sure that whatever products you’re selling or service you’re offering is top notch. Don’t engage in Substandard’s for higher profits. If you’re ready to sacrifice more at the start to create more value for your audience, I can guarantee that you’ll make more money in the long run. In business, longevity is major key.

Conquer your fears: Many people are unable to live their dreams because they’re too busy living their fears!
At some point you have to gather courage and momentum and just start . Better to try and fail than not try at all. If you don’t attempt it then maybe you’re sleeping on your billions right now! So If you feel it and you dream it then JUST DO IT!!!

P.S – I know this is easier said than done but note that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t fixate on the Glitz n Glam of thriving businesses & feel deflated, we all started small. We sold hair from our student halls in Uni and our first office was a kitchen so hey …

Love what you do: This just makes the already daunting process 10x easier! Contrary to some perceptions, Entrepreneurship can be extremely tough sometimes, consisting of; sleepless nights, sacrifice of time, money & possibly relationships but trust me if you love what you do itl make it all absolutely worth it! Going to work everyday for us doesn’t feel like work .
Imagine making money doing what you love ?
So if you’re looking to start that new business make sure you love doing/that thing so you can eat, breathe and live that business happily and in turn effectively!

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