Conversation with Brittany Garth; Profiting from your Passion.

Brittany Garth, an international life coach is one of our favourite women who has been supportive of this platform since inception. With a very deep well of knowledge, Brittany’s humility and willingness to share her knowledge is not only inspirational but a motivation for us to be better and do better in sharing our light and our knowledge regardless of what achievements we may have attained.
Recently, being the awesome woman that she is, obviously, Brittany had a live chat with us on our mobile app where we discussed “Profiting from your Passion.” and here are some excerpts from our conversation. Please feel free to share it just like we so generously did with you, right now. Enjoy!

What is your definition of “Passion”?
My definition of passion, is something that you are committed to seeing flourish despite adversity! No matter the circumstances, passion keeps you focused and hungry for what’s next. passion can be your calling in life and what keeps you going each day.

What is the best way to discover your passion?

I believe that everyone has their own formula of uncovering their passion and we shouldn’t place restrictions or timelines on ourselves, in hopes of uncovering our passion or calling when we want or how we expect it. God led me to my passion after a rough time in my life, based upon what I was predestined to do. Most passions stem from what we enjoy doing (regardless if we get paid or not) and then being pushed to elevate past what we “like” into a life’s mission or cause.

What are some of things you are passionate about? 

I am most passionate about creating new opportunities for women and assisting women with uncovering the lives they crave for happiness. Happiness is something that we all want and we all deserve and to be able to assist others with uncovering their happiness through achieving personal or professional goals, has most definitely become my mission and brings my life an immense amount of joy!

How do you know when your passion/idea has the potential to make money?

Most things that we are doing now that we enjoy have the potential to make us money. Their is a potential client for almost anything, the key is actually being able to package your idea or passion into a product that is attractive to clients and consumers. Anytime you are looking to turn an idea into a sellable product, you must do research on that industry to see what is required to get it into the hands of your potential clients.

What are the essential ingredients needed to turn our passion into profit? 

It is imperative to have a plan of action of what it is that you want to do from start to finish to create a lucrative business that stemmed from ones passion. You almost have confidence in yourself and what you are selling to others. If you don’t believe in yourself, why would a potential buy from you. Lastly, consistency is key! Success in business to actually see a profit is not overnight. There are no shortcuts to making money consistently and we must learn to stay committed to our passion even when things seem uncertain.

Some people would argue that passion is irrelevant when it comes to business and making money. What’s your take on this?
Passion is essential in business! Passion keeps us motivated and interested on the good and the bad days. Also, customers are more attracted to a brand or business when the owner is passionate about it and not just looking to make money.

What are your 5 tips for turning passion into profit? 

1. Create a plan of action.
2. Set weekly, monthly and yearly goals.
3. Identify who your target audience is and figure out what do they want and how you can sell it to them.
4. Keep faith within yourself ALWAYS and exude confidence!
5. Research where you want to be to make it to the next level!

How do we overcome the inevitable challenges that come with having a stable income following the passion-profit route?
Always have multiple streams of income! Most millionaires and billionaires have at least 6 streams of income to maintain financial stability or to have income to invest into other projects/businesses. Money is the %231 reason entrepreneurs quit or fail because they weren’t prepared for the points of struggle that come with owning a business. Find numerous ways to earn income to maintain your business.

How much time is enough time to know if our passion is profitable or not?

I didn’t uncover my passion until I was in my late 20’s and it took me a full year to begin to make a profit and create numerous other businesses but I didn’t give myself a timeline or deadline. I only focused on having a plan and researching my industry to stay current with my products. It may take some business owners months and some years, but it’s all about how long you are willing to wait to see the profit and being receptive to adversity to learn along the way.

Do you think anyone can become an entrepreneur and why?

I think anyone can become an entrepreneur but I don’t think everyone is able to become a successful entrepreneur. Some of us are most successful at thriving in our careers by working for other companies and some of us are only great at building our own businesses. It’s all about what you are most interested in and what you are willing to commit to.

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