‘Every woman in a position to help another woman should help without hesitation.’ – Tajé Prest

Tajé Prest has a degree in media, communication & journalism from Buckingham University; And recently Finished an Acting for film course at the Newyork Film Academy. She is an Actress Model; Tv & Radio Host & a fitness enthusiast, she strongly believes that everyone should love the skin their in and is a big advocate for plus size girls to love themselves. 

She plays Ola In new Tv Series ‘First Time Mum’ that is coming out this month. She Is Currently the Star Host, producer and owner of The Wedding Guest with Tajé, and also hosted The Wedding Radio Show; Tajé has been commentator with feature appearances on the Men’s Corner on EbonyLifeTV and Spice TV. She is the T IN TASA; a reality TV travel show on red tv. And one of the knowledgeable commenters of new talk show ‘Serious Banta’. She’s also a contributing writer for BellaNaija and health and fitness enthusiast with a fitness studio of her own called MotiVADE.

Tajé recently launched her eponymous footwear line, www.tajeprest.com TAJE; starting with a range of slides. A brand she describes as “the beginning of her empire”. Her aim in life is to be a role model for young girls to love the skin they’re in, no matter, their size, colour, hair type and embrace every flaw they May have and not heed to societal norms. She wants to eventually open her own Film studio with classes from acting for film to mental health classes to help young boys and girls love themselves. 

Describe TAJE in three Words.
It’s hard to pick three, I’m pretty awesome. INTELLIGENT, TENACIOUS, CONFIDENT, VIVACIOUS & BLESSED

What inspired the creation of your brand TAJE?
I was trying to create quirky fun fashionable slides I could wear to sets every time I needed to shoot. And people loved them and asked me to make one for them so I went back to the drawing board and made something that’ll last a long time and will always be fashionable.

As an actress & host, share with aspiring actresses and hosts reading, tips on being exceptional in their craft?
PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Practice till it becomes second nature, make sure you articulate clearly, read books, to help you learn new words, so you become smarter. Audition as often as you can. And most importantly be confident within your skin. Be Happy. It shows on the screen if you’re having a bad day leave it at the door.

Since your relocation to LA, what impact would you say the experience you have had so far had on your growth?
Being here for film school has been a learning curve in my life, first of all, it has been an amazing experience and a tough one cause in film school we barely get any breaks, but LA has taught me to be even more creative than I ever thought I was, and it has opened me up to new adjustments. Excited to take all I’m learning back to Nigeria and open my own studio.

In an industry like the media industry which can be very superficial, how do you stay grounded?
THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!! Honestly, it’s God. Especially with LA for example it is so easy to get sucked into the lifestyle and lose yourself. So more than ever I’ve been holding on to God even tighter.

What’s one common misconception people have about Taje?
People think I’m a rich bitch. And it’s the funniest thing cause when they meet me I always get the “oh my God, I thought you’d be a b***h and you’re so nice and down to earth’ and a lot of people think because I’m plus size I couldn’t possibly love myself. HILARIOUS. I probably love myself way too much. LOL! this has actually thought me never judge a book by its cover.

What’s your take on “Women Supporting Women”?
I genuinely believe there’s a special place in hell for women that don’t support other women. Every woman in a position to help another woman should help without hesitation.

If you could give one advice to 18-year-old Taje, what would you say to her?
Life is about to be really bumpy but I promise you, girl, you’re going to come out, stronger, smarter, sexier and God is always going to have your back, hold on tight. YOU GAT THIS!

P.S: You’re going to be even more fabulous and more beautiful, and super successful and amazing actress with a beautiful family.

What’s the most important life lesson you’ve learned so far?
Que sera sera – Whatever will be, will be. I’ve learnt that life will happen as its supposed to happen, you cannot control everything.

What’s the best business advice you have received so far?
Always re-invest back into your business, and I’ve taught myself I am my best marketer, nobody can advertise your product as much as you can because your business is your baby.

What would you like to be remembered for?
For being authentically myself and for having a positive impact on the lives of females and most importantly as someone who made sure people absolutely loved the skin they’re in. mental health and happiness first.

What is your definition of greatness?
Being able to impact lives positively around the world and embracing every stage in life, every growth is positive no matter how small and sharing that mindset around the world.

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