From Baking Free Cakes for Friends to Running a Multi-million Naira Business: Cakes & Cream Founder Bolaji Johnson Spills All on Binging with GameChangers Episode 8!

If you live in Lagos, Nigeria, there is a high possibility that you’ve eaten a Cakes and Cream cake at one point or another. Have you ever wondered who was behind those scrumptious cakes?

Bolaji Johnson is the founder of Cakes and Cream. She started baking cakes while in the University of Lagos by simply reading recipe books and making free cakes for friends up until she realized it could actually become a business. Her decision to monetize her love for baking has resulted in her now having staff strength of over 400 people with four large bakeries across Lagos. Cakes and Cream is now recognized as one of the biggest cake companies in Nigeria.

On episode 8 of Binging with GameChangers, Bolaji speaks with show host, Seyi Banigbe, about establishing and running her thriving business. This episode will leave you inspired to pursue your dreams. Also on this episode is Kayode Oladapo, a top executive in Nigeria’s FMCG sector. He is the Business Manager for Coffee at Nestle Nigeria and has distinguished himself by rising through the ranks in the FMCG space hence becoming an authority in FMCG matters.

Kayode graduated from the Lagos State University and thereafter acquired an MSc in Food Science. He combines his strong background in science with outstanding knowledge and experience in Marketing to deliver exceptional work with one of Nigeria’s leading FMCG companies. 

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