Her Network Woman of the Year Awards (HNWOTY) 2018 Call for Nominations

Her Network Woman of the Year Awards (HNWOTY) has announced its call for nominations for its annual celebration of outstanding women. The awards are returning for its second edition after the launch of its maiden edition in December 2017 which was set up to recognize noteworthy women across various industries.

The aim of the awards is to publicly celebrate successful women in various industries who manifest admirable zeal in their industry, identified by their ability to positively affect lives by changing the narrative through their work and leaving a legacy for future generations. As a result, the industries being featured in the awards are altered every year in order to cover a wider cross-section of exceptional women of talent. Some of the HNWOTY featured industries this year include Technology, Entertainment, Social media, Philanthropy and Community Service.


The Founder of Her Network, Nkem Onwudiwe, has expressed her deep-rooted passion in seeing other women excel. She says “There are so many phenomenal women doing great work and impacting their immediate and extended communities. These women aren’t really looking for any accolades but they deserve all of that and more so this vision of celebrating Women of Impact at the End of every Year and their accomplishments, isn’t a popularity contest, but our own way of identifying and encouraging them as we wrap up one year and Transcend into another!”.

The women who will be honored have constantly exhibited leadership skills, tenacity, remarkable industrial advances and have made significant contributions to their respective communities in 2018.

Do you know that exceptional woman, one that has excelled in her sector and been impactful in 2018?

Nominate Her and Let’s celebrate her!

To nominate an outstanding woman of impact, please visit hnwoty.com/nominateNominations close at 11:59 pm on Friday, 19 October 2018.

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