Mattel Unveils “Judge Barbie”, its New Career Doll!

Mattel just unveiled the Barbie Judge Doll, its 2019 Barbie Career of the Year doll. The company made the announcement via it’s Twitter saying ” The verdict is in! With over 200 careers since 1959, this year Barbie takes the stand as a Judge! The Barbie Judge Doll encourages girls to learn more about making decisions to change the world for the better. “

Lisa McKnight, senior vice president, and global brand general manager of Barbie told USA TODAY that the company chose a judge as its Career of the Year doll after learning that only 33% of sitting US state judges are women. Judge Barbie is available in a variety of different skin tones and hairstyles. She comes with a customary black robe and a lacy collar that looks strikingly similar to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s.

Judge Barbie comes after Mattel released a line of gender-inclusive dolls, called “Creatable World.” The line allows kids to customize their doll to create a toy that isn’t dictated by gender norms.

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