“My most important life lesson is not to regret failures, when you fail it’s a learning process.” – Chris Fadele

Chris Fadele is on a quest to become a generational wealth builder, not only for herself but for others as well. She is an entrepreneur with over 13 years of expertise on a mission to shift the business narrative and bring solutions to existing problems in African businesses.

In 2020, during the pandemic, she launched GabbyDave Global, an e-commerce platform. The website aims to empower the younger generation while also providing Afro Caribbean company owners with a platform for worldwide awareness.

Chris aspires to make a difference in the world and to establish generational wealth not only for herself but also for others. She is also a social change advocate, giving back to her community of company owners through mentorship, business opportunities, networking, and other means.

Chris is on a mission to change the African business narrative and place Africans on the map. Chris is enthusiastic about her work and is always looking for ways to assist others. Making a difference and empowering the youths pushes her to stay focused on her mission and ambitions.

Read our Q&A with Chris and be Inspired.

In Three Words, how would you describe Chris Fadele? I am a sophisticated, hardworking, and strong woman.

Please share a little bit about your background. My name is Chris, I am a businesswoman. After graduating from Buckingham New University, I started my own business. I was running a health and beauty business for over 12 years before I decided to channel my energy into a new venture. During the years I dedicated to the health and beauty industry, I discovered a niche in the e-commerce business. This is an area I have always been passionate about and the vision kept on resonating. Then during the lockdown, I decided it was the perfect time to pursue this new interest, hence the imaginary conception was given birth to. Currently, my ultimate aim is to build a brand that will make a global impact.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in your life so far? It is definitely the actualization of GabbyDave Global. The great task with sleepless nights.

Tell us how your journey to becoming an entrepreneur began. I have been an entrepreneur for over thirteen years, it started when I relocated from London to Milton Keynes and left my business analyst job at British communications. At that time, I was paid 550 pounds per day. I started with Air BNB after which I opened a saloon. While starting my saloon, I converted my garage to a hairdressing salon. I love to do things properly, so at the time I opened my saloon, I registered the company, got an accountant for my books, and took short courses in this business area to equip me with knowledge. I also took up young females that didn’t want to go to school for an apprenticeship, so they could learn a skill. It took me a year to break even, the support system I have in all of this my husband was very supportive and helped me a lot.

Would you say you know your purpose in life? If yes, how did you come to this realization? Yes, I grew up knowing my purpose. My purpose is to be a generational curse breaker of our skin color by helping generations and empowering people. letting the world know the power and passion of an African woman, how much capacity we have, and not letting our skin color stop us from achieving our plans and purpose in life.

What, or Who inspires you? I would say I have two people that inspire me. Firstly, God inspires me to do all that I do, and my children, inspire me to do much more.

What advice can you offer to younger women looking to take up space in the Entrepreneurial space? My advice to them is to be focused on what their journey is. They should trust their journey, believe in themselves, be persistent, and do not give up in the midst of adversity. They must develop the mental capacity to succeed. It is not easy, but it will help to bring your vision to fruition.

What is the most important life lesson you’ve learned so far? My most important life lesson is not to regret failures, when you fail it’s a learning process. Take your failures as your strength and always move on from your past.

Where do you draw strength on days when you feel no motivation to get things done? I draw my strength from my purpose, the need to help the younger generation.

What is your take on “women supporting women”? I am a huge champion of women supporting women. My take is for women to know that if we can come together to help one another, then the sky is not our limit but a starting point. Also, we should genuinely give back to each other in any form we can and know that anything is possible.

Time travel or teleportation? Time travel

What would you like to be remembered for? I would like to be remembered for how I have impacted people’s lives and the numerous good works I have done.

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